19 December 2009

Mi Miaw - the Tragedy

We LOsT our precious miawwww..
in the kampung..
in the dark forever.

But, everybody refuse to believe that he is really gone.
. . . . .
Maybe this time, he's really abducted by the elves who found him to cute to be true..
(i'll share u the stories when im done with this feeling uhuhuhu)
Maybe..its the wild animals..
Maybe..he got bored of the Friskies we feed him everytime he's hungry.
Maybe..Lord loves him more.

nc says: we luv u.please come home..mi miaw


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

my godness.. he went missing? im sorry 2 hear this nancy.. sa pun ikut sedih o0o..

*just layan feeling about diamond few hours ago.. :( susah mau lupa..

Kris and Nadia said...

alalala,cian .. kena curi kaitu?? alah jan kamurang sedih2 ba, sya pun terikut la sedih jg ni.. ;'(

Angel said...

alala. come back home miaw miaw!

AngeL BeaR said...

i lost my ollie. =(

nc said...

Annieming: im so sad. My mother cried. He's more than just a pet to us.

Nadia: ntah la ni. kalau dia kena culik.. bagus lagi. at least he's still alive. he's too young to be gone. blm lagi puas kami sama dia :(

Angel: thank u Angel. i hope he can hear u.. :(

AngelBear: im sorry to know that. :( it really hurts kn.. :(

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