17 December 2009

Once in a New Moon

"Edward: Bella..will u marry me"
I felt that it was just the beginning of the movie.

But Jacob Black. Why are u so gorgeous n so- everything? haha..( sabar..sabar.. peminat2 Jacob)
Luv his cool native-american looks.
Only Bella would not be choosing u over Edward ~ i guess.
But..the heart knows best.

"Bella: dont make me choose..it will always be him (Edward)"
uhuhu..kesian Jacob.

One question came into my mind when watching the movie.. and still is
~ how far would you go for your other half? your so - called beloved. ~

..clift diving just to see his apparition?
..fly the instant to where-is-that Vol..sumting2 to save ur kekasih?
..an offer to sacrifice oneself for the sake of ur beloved?

would you?

. . . . . .

The power of LoVe.

Watch the movie folks..and fall in love. hehe

Bella to Jacob: Ur beautiful,

A lesson learnt to all kekasih2 out there: Sumtimes.. when u think u are protecting ur love ones,, that is when u r NOT.

I guess everybody almost or DID fall in love with Jacob. but.. can u ever forgot the angelic love of Edward..

nc says: hmmm..bejiwang sekali sekala.. tak salah ba kn. We are made out of love.. ;)


C.Alv.B said...

Im always go for Jacob!! I know Edward is best.. but OVER BEST till you can loose him anytime!!! hehehee..

nc said...

ALv: hi ..lama da ko nda menyinggah sini o kn.. :) auww..who would never choose Jacob ba kn.. but we can never deny that Edward is the true love. uhuhuhu...

Ervina said...

wakakakaka... i knew the ending of this story... pigi baca buku dia...hahaha (mcm sj sd abis baca!)Jadi ko terfall-in-love la sama darling saya nanc??? arrwww

Mama Mia said...

oh, i haven't watch the movie nor read the book yet..ketinggalan suda ni..hihi...

nc said...

Ervina: malas ba sia baca buku.. mau juga ada visual efek kunun.. aiseh.. nda juga la ter fall in luv,, sb nasib ada daling sia kunun hahaha..

MamaMia: if ur in for romance and thrill, i think u shud not miss this saga. my hubby complained sb lack of action/fight2 scene..aduigia..manada gia action ni movie sinta2 haha

Kris and Nadia said...

haaha.. kalu sya, dua2 pun nda minat.. nda tau napa? ;) hihi.. :)

Antonia said...

nc...the buku must read one laaa..more details and more romantic..itu movie oklahh but the books is much more 100% better..i even cried ohh..read it twice..was having twilight fever for 2 months (back thn Jan 2009 -Feb 2009)lol!!!
anyway i'm on Team Edward

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