28 May 2008

Wedding bells

A friend of mine (a really good friend of mine) ask me to write something about marriage recently J
Hmm..what a coincidence.
Ive attended 2 wedding functions last week. Well it is the month of weddings (May) n aramai tii. Its easy to describe the feeling when watching people getting married, esp those close to you. Sweetness, warmth, n the bonus feeling of pondering when it is your turn to walk down the aisle and exchange vows – auwwww ..so scweet, I think.
I went to 2 very different wedding receptions last week. One held glamorously in a 4 star hotel, with a nine course Chinese set menu and Chivas Regal served to the floor. Wow.
The other one was more humble and simple – yet full of love, charm and original.
The wedding ceremony was held in a cute chapel in Tuaran, then followed by a forty minutes walk to the bride house in the deep of one of Kiulu villages. The whether was quite pleasing, I guess, with slight drizzle n sunshine. Ive never been there before and couldn’t believe that we have crossed two jambatan gantung to reach the bride’s resident. I would call the walk more of a jungle trekking because of the sweat, pathways, and hanging bridges we have to pass.
My legs felt week the whole night last nite n still a bit sleepy now zzzZZZzz
But I love the whole thing. The greatest thing was, mr. fiancé was trotting behind my back the whole journey – n smiling sheepishly at me. Hmm..nanti kau.. But it felt a bit weird and surprising that he is capable of doing that , though not holding hands or anything (haha..ya right.Tan S.M,,laugh with me now eh..) May be he was afraid that I would slip and fall.hahaha. Maybe it’s the impact of the priest’s homily during the wedding ceremony previously.
The priests have expressed his feeling of don’t kasi biar2 your spouse in what ever you’re going through ( I was smiling sheepishly when the priest mentioned it). Nevertheless he also said that..when u kasi biar2 ur partner..it could only mean two things: 1) you trust ur partner in whatever they do. 2) you don’t really care much about them. O ya, the priest also admitted that he felt good when watching senior couples still holding hands when walking together. Hmm..i wonder. How many of our senior citizens still do that, WOULD DO that here..(okay people,,this is the part where u imagine urself 40 – 50 years from now,,walking with your spouse. Dont ask me ya. Tan?? Wat bout u ;)

Anyway,,im glad yesterday turn out the way it was.
CONGRATULATIONS to both bride and bridegroom. May you’ll live happily ever after..with God’s blessing.
p/s: will be going to another two aramai tiis this weekend.
Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan,, everyone.

The beautiful bride. My gud fren @ biras. Luv the photo effect? hehe, me too

May you'll live happily ever after :)

Together with my fiance families n the pengantin.

One of the hanging bridge. hey, its a big river below. u fall,,bye bye.


Kay said...

nc..wah best o kan..jd bila lagi ko punya turn? hehe..jd adalah ko hirup2 tu chivas regal sikit? paning ka?

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