21 May 2008

One Fine Day

"How's your day?"
- iv been sending messages/email/YM asking people on how their day have been.. bcause..mine's too ORDINARY n boring (i guess).
got a lot of work to do actually. but it seems that im spending more n more time with my cyber persona.
paper works are still stuck in front of me, but here i am..browsing thru a lot of friends and strangers (beautiful strangers) profile in different social network.. - im sure u know the feeling :)
I bumped into a new n unique network yesterday - well, at least for me its new. YUWIE. the promise: a social network but u make money at the same time - which im still trying to figure out how..hmm sorry dear friends..iv forwaded some invitation emails to u..if u dont like it,,tak pa ba ;),,but just in case..u might want to look at it.
Friendster, Facebook, GoodTree, Flicker..u name it..im all in (please dont label me a cyber freak ya..) A satisfying leisure pursuit, i will call it.
hmm..still no signs of wanting to do any paperwork today. maybe, just one or two before i leave from work today (shhhh..).
"The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up."~John C. Maxwell
not today.
(^-*) hmm..still struggling to finish reading the book.
tummy's grumbling.
ba Er(vina),,its a SIGN to EAT to LIVe..
(^-^) well, if you see my YM anytime around the corner..ill be on XL. Xtra Lazee. Will be on full time leisure today - i hope.
oh yes,,so.. how's your day my friend? :)


ErviNna said...

kakaka... yup ... Eat to LIVE!!
malas ooo kan...

Kay said...

kanapa juga terlalu XL lazee tu..

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