04 January 2010

I Wanna Run and Hug You

I really just want to run and hug him.

He used to run away whenever he saw my sister and i coming back from work. Because he will be the first thing we'll tangkap and snuggle cuddle2.
He hated attention - kunun.

Just show him the Friskies plastic bag and he would run to you - no matter what he was doing right then. Or, just shout his name loudly and he'll be searching where the voice came from, and see whether we had his favourite food.

He's the love of my family. Not a pet. But part of the family. J couldn't stand and understand our love for him sometimes. He was spoilt too much. oondos kadang2..in front of other cats. hmm..but he still our source of joy. My father loyal nap companion. zzzZZzzz..purrr..rrr

The whole family have dreams of him every now and then. We decided to build a little memorial for him in the middle of mum's flower2..just next to the aromatic kayu putih tree. His soul has not rest in peace yet. We are sure. He wants to come home.


The good old days. The bushes that leads to a hilly forest where he liked to roam and come home - everytime. Except this time..he never came back. The other cat is his pretty wife. She has four kittens now. A few days after he went missing. A day after christmas. We figured that all kittens are the nirvana of our their father.

Mother will sure miss the times when she gave bath to him. And how he smells of rosemary after each wet time. I miss that.

He slept on the bed with us. At his own cozy spot.
He was white. Maybe thats why i have gotten to like the color white a lot.
All his kittens are white..cute.
Will share the story soon.

Nc says: purr..rr...


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

where have miau been?

lama sudah dia x pulang kan.. miau, please come back.. everyone's missing you ..

it was this evening on my way home sa tenangis kijap teringat c diamond.. 1 bulan suda dia tiada :(

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

be strong kio nancy.. kali dia jalan2 d luar baitu, dia lupa jalan pulang..

nc said...

Annieming: the miaw never came back. we always have dreams of him, mcm dia mau bagi tau yg dia memang sda tiada.. so sad. i ince dream of him..so clean n white..but there's a snake beside him. wherever he went. :(

its sad. but.. life goes on.

C.Alv.B said...

I know how you feel NC..I lost my bestfriend cat 7years ago..his name is chor-chor. At first we thought he is female cat, that why the name chor-chor. We pampered him..love him too much..and only get other neighbour jealous.. he so faty..do you believe he 5kg?hehehee..one day he missing..back after 3days..then missing again..and after few weeks we know, that the kids next block kidnap him and the parents lock our chor-chor inside just to please their kids..we hate the family..we try to get him back..buty they so cunning..until we lost hope,,and just prayed they will treat chor-chor as good as we are.. the family moved after one year..huhu.. since that, I dont want to put myself into in broken heart again..no more 'bestfriend' even though I'm animal lovers..huhuuu...still miss him..

nc said...

Dear Alv,

adui..punya la jahat itu org mau culik kucing kamu. kalu sia tu,, sa tendang sda tu pintu rumah dorang mo cari kucing sa balik.eseh.. tpi..memang sa menentang abis2an la.
..people like this do exist. so pathethic.

kesian o chor chor..im sure he missed u.

as for our cat. the whole family miss him a lot. mcm kucing di raja ba kami buat.
but..luckily he left kittens that look exactly like him! hehe.. cant wait to show u guys the pic. :)

Stella O.K. said...

la sian juga..hilang lg kucing ko..sabar..sabar...NC..

Walker said...

Frick is the same way.
He never liked being picked up but he loves coming and laying next to me.
Its amazing how we bond with our animals.

Happy New Year

nc said...

stella: iya.. sgt kesian o sia rasa miaw kami tu.. hilang gitu sja.. :( sedih.. sedih..

Walker: cats are amazing creatures.. :). thnks for the comment Walker :)

reanaclaire said...

hi NC.. seems u love cats a lot! as for me, i love dogs.. have a labrador at home.. she is also very cute.. :p

Kris and Nadia said...

halo.. adui sory br tbca post ko .. feel sad for you too.. brgkali teda suda la kan dia tu.. at least kalu mcm c annie dia nmpk & tau lg c diamond sakit, but ko nda tau kan.. kalu so sudden kan lg sedih oo sya rasa ..

nc said...

reannaclaire: thnks for the visit n comment ya :) yep, i do love cats. my whole family does hehe. cat crazy. i think its from my mum. she cannpt stand looking at stray cats. smua dia kasi makan.

nadia: its ok,, gini la ni. kami smua rasa pn memang dia sda tiada ni. sb smua tanda2 mimpi pn begitu. kesian btul our miaw. ada kawan ckp.. kamu tlampau syg dia ba tu, tu la dia inda mau kasi tingu kalu dia inda ada sda :(

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