Losing our precious miaw was one the saddest thing on Christmas last year.
Little blessings were delivered to us a day after Christmas last year.
God knows best..

Here are the pictures.

PitaPata Cat tickers

we put them in a little box. The mother cat kept re locating the kittens all over the house. But im so happy she stops doing it now. hehe.. it feels so good to watch them sleep together.

In nc's hand. This one is the cutest kitten. Looks just like the mother.
So small kn..

We call this one as the reincarnation of Gempiit.
Thats the name of our lost miaw.
Its a kadazan dusun word which means one eye closed. hehe..
Can you see the black love patch on the kitten's body?
Exactly like the father. Only this one a bit broken. Gempiit has a perfect love patch.

Spot the airplane.
one of the kitten has a jet skecth on the body. Mcm kapal terbang kn? haha.. we're definitely going to call this one JET. The active one so far.

Thats Gempiit and his wife.
It still bring deep emo whenever i see this picture.
Piit slowly moved near his heavily pregnant wife then and before u know it, they fell asleep.
so darling.
I really miss him.
so gerammmmm.

nc says: blm lagi tau ni tanak miaw2 smua she or he. Tapi harap2 smua sihat.


Mama Mia said...

my cat is due to give birth any day soon..we already prepare a box for her & her kittens..harap2 dia suka la..:)

C.Alv.B said...

So cute...I still miss my Chor Chor till now..huhuhuhu

Kay said...

nc. ehhhh cute juga...ba, nanti sa kasi upload anak kucing sa yg baru. mcm sama umur sama kucing ko ni.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

awh sa mau bawa satu la pigi tidur.. hehe..


nc said...

mama mia:yayyy.. cheerrsss for u :) you'll have new kittens soon :)

c.alv: i understand ur feeling :(

cath:bah, kita kasi kawin dorang haha

annieming: bulih ba :)

Stella O.K. said...

alala............kiut2 semua o...minta satu...heheheee

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