mcm anak patung kn?
She was one of the abandoned puppies near my kampung home.
I have forgotten the feeling of what it was like to have a dog..puppies around.
I've lost the feeling since..10 years ago? when our last pet doggie died.
i almost swore to never be attached so much to any doggie.

This beautiful creature came running to our house last weekend.
Two of them - at first.
The sight of puppies came running past our bamboo gates and green yard was such a sight to behold.
Then came another four.
Yes. Four.

(all pictures are a courtesy of my sister who was armed with a camera that time. i was too busy admiring their cute-ness)

si mama marah si dia pgi tengok itu rumah yg kena kusung sebelah bah.
Thats where the puppies were from.
They followed my father.
Jumped across a little stream and just go with their animal instinct, i guessed.
But, she gave them food anyway. haha..who wouldnt?

i gave one of them a bath. So comot but comel bah.

This one's was bathed by mother. The puppy just stood still.
It was amazing.
Mother said..dia kegatalan baitu, sb bnyk kutu.jadi, dia rasa lega.
I think so too.


They were so happy.
we were sooooooo happy as well.
Was thinking of taking all nine of them.
Yes, NINE of them altogether left in an abandoned house.

Full and sleepy.

Isn't he lovely?

The puppies followed my dad everywhere he went.
My father was getting cosy with the situation. But he knew we had to 'returned' them to the abandoned house.
We have kittens and cats around.
And we will not be around.
Cats and dogs left alone? not a good combination.

Puppy-napped came into action the next day.
A few friends were desperately looking for puppies.
We helped them.
Four of the puppies were rescued. The rest..God bless.
We'll try our best to look after them.
We saw..the owner of the land(yg piara anjing ni hnya pekeja dia actually) visit there every now and then. I hope he brings food.

nc says: the very same night, i dreamt of our pet dog that died more than a decade ago. he jumped right to me, minta dukung.
I think he is in heaven now.


Stella O.K. said...

alala...kiut o tu puppies...gerigitan sya tgk..

Angel said...

so cute the puppies! give me one!!!

Angel said...
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Walker said...

They are all cute.
I like dogs and cats.
I does hurt when you loose one after such a long time together.

nc said...

stella: haha..memang bikin gerigitan tu.. terutama bila dia duduk diam2 n tgk ko ni.. :)

Angel: sa mau smua o..haha

walker: yes, it really does hurt. :( been thru that so many times.

Ervina said...

hehe... nanc...pigi kama tinguk yg 4 lagi tu. kcian...

Kris and Nadia said...

Wah.. kiutnya.. kalu sya slalu main2 kasi terbalik tu, trus kiut tu kalu dia mo bangun balik.. and suru dia melumpat.. kiut tu..hihi :)

Cath J said...

sooo cute!!!

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