19 August 2011

The Wedding Gown

As soon as i saw the topic of 'My Wedding Gown' on CathJ Blog Guest topic..i knew i have to join this one.
Because..i just fell in love with my wedding gowns. Both.

Here's the story.
Nope..that's not me.
But that was the one picture of the wedding gown that had strike my heart.
And i was restless until i find it.

Did i find it?
And it was at Tanjung Aru Bridal House that i laid eyes on the gown and say YeSSSS to it at once.
I'm an old fashioned at heart..you see.
Dreaming of being cinderella-like..not too big a gown..but..still giving you that princess-like feel.
Oh..i was so happy.
Just one bridal house..and i got my dream gown.
Yep..we didn't go and survey any other bridal house after that.
Just this one.

But then..another gown strike my heart. Stronger this time.
hehehehe..(bilang sda jumpa dream gown kunun)
Well..only the ladies heart will understand this one.

You see the picture of us in the middle?
I couldn't believe my eyes how sweet and pretty the gown was.
Well..least for me..hehe..
The long ribbon around the waist tempted me to change my mind and choose this one as THE gown.
But then the kind staff of the bridal house inform me that THAT particular gown was already booked.

Oh well..tiada jodoh mungkin.

So..what happen you asked?

We came back a month later for the photoshoot.
The cinderella gown i had booked was still there. Love it still.
And the best thing was..i was told that i can have ( i mean, booked) the other gown that i wanted. 
The initial customer decided not to wear it last minute.
So..it's all mine. 
wuahahaha..ntah la  i just fell terribly in love with this gown.

isk..banyk betul BUT.
Hubbi wanted me to wear the cinderella gown for the church ceremony.
He liked it more..?
Mungkin la.

And i did.
No regrets.

I wore the other gown during the home reception.

The moral of the story?
Sometimes..you do get what you wish for.



chegu carol said...

i admire your wdg gown yg ada gold sash tu. for me its perfect :)

Isabel said...

Yay! Memang dua2 cantik. Lucky u oo!:)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Cantik oh gown ko nc..

CathJ said...

wahhhhhhhhh... so beautifulllllllll... I love both of your dress NC... yg ada ribon di waist so cute! ^_^

saya pun 1 kedai saja.. malas pi cari2 hihihihi...

nc said...

Chegu Carol:
thats y la..i think its sooo perfect too..sa mau sda ni utk church ceremony. but si hubbi ckp.. santeek lagi ko pakai tu yg kambang2..hahaha..trus cair. yai.:)

thnk u Isabel :) isnt it great if we can wear n look like this often. hehe..cewa..mcm ada ati mau kawin lagi. hahaha

thnks :) msti gown ko pun cantik kn.. smua gown2 wedding lawa2 ba kn.. terutama design yg skg2 ni..mcm mau pakai lagi o.hehe

ya,, itu yg bikin kasi kiut kn, tu riben emas kunun. sa pun ter fall in love sb itu. love at first sight ba tu.. trus inda payah cari di kadai lain kn :)

Just said...

sia pun sukaaaaaa sama yg gold tu!!! nasib baik ooo ko ada jg jodoh sama the gown kan.. klu nda, mcm nda puas ati jg tu kan.. hehehhe..

Mell_f said...

Yea,i like the one with gold sash as well..cantik on u.

beaty said...

wah your dress both memng cantik owh..tia sabar sia mau pakai mcm tu...heheheh..

nc said...

betul o.. nasib ada jodoh juga akhirnya.. punya sa main tekejut tu lepas kena bagi tau yg itu gown AVAILABLE. trus sa booked ni. hehe

thnk u ..ba ba..ur next.. im sure u have found ur dream wedding gown by now kn ;)

hehe..bah..apa lagi..bulih sda ba tu.. :)

Aemy Shamy said...

beautiful!! ^^
reading all your wedding gown stories makes me so envy! hahaha...

AnnieMing said...

Nc, I really love your wedding dress ;-D Gorgeous!

Sheena said...

syok pla ikut blog hop kan!!Loving ur gown!!Looks perfect on you!

kay masingan said...


♡ a-Me ♡ said...

nc.. ur cinderella wedding gown was awesome.. & the other wedding gown too.. hope can find macam tu pnya wedding gown.. but.. syangnya now church being so strict about wedding gown.. hopefully can find wedding dress like this with laces.. Hihihi..

Armstrong said...

Cool... nasib baik the other bride decided not to wear it hehee. Ngam juga la for someone who fell in love with the gown.

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