Where should i start.
. . . . . . . 

I have been postponing..purposely delaying to write an entry on this one.
It's the big C.
My Cesarean story.
It's the birth story of baby Neve.

It's not something that i am proud of to choose, to do..
The way of welcoming the babe of course. Don't get me wrong.

. . . .
A lot of friends have been asking..
Was it a natural birth or not.
It was not.
I chose LSCS.
Baby Neve was born via an elective Lower Segment Cesarean Section.
A choice by me.

I am never good at pain management and the many birth stories i have heard from families and people alike gave me a faint heart.
A low hemoglobin count (red blood cells) in my system was also not helping to be strong.
I fear dying in pain and in loss of too much blood..or being continuously injected with  blood blood blood from others, so i can live.

And so..the decision.
Hubbi was being understanding and supported me all the way.

A few close friends who have also gone through the same situation ( choosing surgery over natural birth), gave me encouraging words and brief me how it would all be.

The date was chosen.
5th of August 2011.
12.00 pm.

Upon arriving at the hospital..we registered..given a room..and a hospital gown for me to change.
Awkward. Couldn't believe the day has finally came.

The baby's heart was monitored.
When the clock strike almost 12.00 pm..i was brought to the operation theatre.
I kept calm.
Hubbi was beside me.

Needles..all sorts of needles came in contact with my flesh.
I hate needles.

Then it was time for the 'spinal' injection.
It was really h*ll for me.
I almost gave up..wanting to stand up and just tell everyone there..OK..tHat's it. Nda Payahla jarum2!

What is a spinal injection?
It's the one injection that will numb you from waist below..for surgery to take place.
You are forced to bent like a foetus so it will be easier to inject you along the spinal cord.
Believe me. You would never want to be in the situation.
The room was cold.
Your bare back is exposed to the freezing temperature, lying like a foetus on my left side.
I was literally curled..for about 10 cold cold minutes.

The whole team of doctors and nurses were being very kind though.
Hubbi was not there when they did the spinal injection on me.
I would not want him to see me that way, anyway.
I'm sure you agree if you've gone through the same thing.

I could remember the faces of all the doctors clearly.
As soon as i couldn't feel my legs..i felt though, a sensation of being 'moved' and 'swayed' below my waist.
Has it started?
The doctor looked at me with her surgery mask already on. I knew she has started 'ripping' my body off.

How did it all feel?
..like someone was pulling and pushing something out or inside your stomach of course.
The sharpest and strongest tugging and pulling sensation was felt suddenly. Then i heard a loud cry. It was the babe.
'Keluar sda'..a doctor said.
It was all less than 5 minutes.

Another doctor came over and put the baby near my face.
I almost cried..but couldn't.
I was too worried of what was happening beyond the 'curtain'.
Hubbi smiled.

. . . . . .
The stitching job was done almost half an hour.
I knew it was more complicated to stitch back everything together than ripping it open.

. . . . . .
 The pain.
..was not felt when you're still under pain killers.
Waking up the next day was the hardest part of all.
I have been preparing for THAT moment since i made the decision for a cesarean surgery.
Hubbi became my pillar of strength.
I made it.

When my friends asked..how did it feel?The pain after a c section?
With or without pain killers..i would say..it felt as though ur still being cut alive. Sharp.
But with the right support, prayer, will and determination..you can push through it.

. . . . .

Day 5.
I woke up from bed without the help of anyone.

Day 6.
I did not take anymore pain killers.

Day 7.
Hey, it's baby Neve 1 week old. Nothing else matters.

. . . . .

That was a brief chapter of my life.
The coming of baby Neve.
Though many people discourage and shun surgery for birth (unless there is a medical need), i am proud to say that i am not ashamed for choosing it.
Because..the most important is still the babe to be born safe and sound.

Baby Neve is 2 weeks and 4 days old today.
Next week full moon sda. :)
huhu...my cry baby.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

ko choose C-section pula..
Tdk apa ba tu NC.. yg penting baby deliver safely and healthy kan.. Congrats again. Tidak lama lg fullmoon baby Neve.. :)

Cute betul oh baby ko. Gerigitan sya tingu.

Just said...

thanks nc for all the 'feelings'.. sia seram ooo baca n i don't think i'll go c-sec.. proud to those decide to go for c-sec. oowww.. nda lama lg fullmoon sdh pulak c neve... u take care k.. :)

chegu carol said...

my SIL chose c-sect for both her children bcos like you, she couldnt bear to handle the pain of normal birth...i dont think u shuld feel any less normal than those moms who have chosen normal delivery. Yang penting mom and baby selamat bah...and oh ive watch on History channel saying that babies who are born via surgery are more likely to be stable in terms of emotions than those who went through the push2 experience hehehe...take care.

Joanne Juend said...

nothing wrong to choose elcs instead of SVD. :)

rest assured!

congratulations for making it all through ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

gaaah...blh tahan o ko ni... i'm adopting :/

Sheena said...

As long the mother and the baby in a good health, anything else does not matter.sia mo juga opt for C section kalo nda phobia sama tu jarum2...

memeljoan said...

yeah, at last story yg sa tunggu2 sdh kana post...well, as u said bah, yg penting baby sihat x kisah la normal or c-sec...

lydia1212 said...

all i can say is... u r strong person! congratulations :)

Hugs n kisses to ur babe ^.*

kay masingan said...

nc saya pula terrasa tu sakit2 o time baca....omg.....

zoi said...

seram o sia baca..walau pun dlm 5 minit baby sdh keluar tapi sy terbayang tu gunting,pisau2..eee..sebenarnya mana2 pun boleh ba itu, dua-dua sakit juga..apa lagi kalau ada health problem..kalau sia tempat ko pun mesti sy pilih C basar daripada kena cucuk-cucuk jarum tambah darah dari orang..mmm..fulmun nanti sa try pigi sana rumah kamu la aa..tp time kja pula itu kan..

nc said...

ya, actually memang lama sda decide utk Csection..thank God the babe arrived safely kn. :)

tpi sa lagi salute utk kamu2 yg dpt natural birth. i don't have the heart. :( tpi itu la org ckp ba kn..no pain no gain.

Chegu Carol:
betul ba..hehe..thnks for the encouraging words. becos sometimes i really do wonder whether im a real mother or not..hmm..

thnks :) i never knew i had the strength to go through all the pain

hehehe..jgn ba. the pain is worth it when you really think about it. you have brought a baby to life. :)

nc said...

thnks :) itu la tu jarum2..isk2..i was thinking to go for full body anasthesia..supaya i pengsan habis kn. tpi doktor ckp..its not good for my system. so terpaksa kasi berani2 sja la. hence..the needles.

hehehe..mcm sa malas2 ba mau tulis ni..tpi msti kawan2 tertanya2 kn..so..buat sja la :) btw..thnk u for all ur tips and sharing ya :)

i guess all ladies who have gone thru child birth are strong..kn. that includes you :) We made it :)

hahahaha..mcm baca cerpen seram2 kah..hehehe..

itu la, 5 minit sja doktor pernah kasi tau sa. betul2 5 minit la..tpi kena 'fix' balik lepas tu..mau dekat satu jam juga la..punya la sa takut..sb ko dpt terbayag2 apa yg dorang tengah buat dgn ko kn. kalu kena bius habis tak pa. ni yg boleh2 lagi sa nmpk sikit tu reflection sana lampu di atas kepala sa. nda sa mau tinguk.doi.

beaty said...

aduhhh tidak tahan oh nc bila sia baca..deiii arhhh ...but yg ptg bb neve okey n mummy neve pun sihat..wah mau full moon suda dia ni..

AnnieMing said...

Alalah, tus sa pigang2 belakang sa bila ko cerita pasal itu spinal injection.. :D Walaupun sa takut2, but this entry of yours is really worth reading. Take a good care of yourself and baby Neve ya!

nc said...

:) begitu la alkisah nya kelahiran si baby ku..im glad evrything is ok. though the recovering part memang susah sikit..but..no pain no gain gia kn.. :)
yep full moon sda

itu la part yg sa rasa sgt teruk sekli annie :( mcm sa mau putus asa sda...ingat kn terus2 kena inject dibelakang begitu sja..rupanya.. kena kasi bengkok2 dlu ba badan ko..supya tekeluar itu tulang belakang kunun..aduh...:( sesak nafas sia.

kuai said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nc!.. just breastfeed exclusively to get ur shape back.. hehehe.. that what i did.. happy resting with little one!.. *hugs*

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