26 August 2011

The Birthday

I just hit 32 yesterday.
Atukkoi..berumur sda rupanya..

Was there any celebration?
Just a wish from a dear hubbi..and a thousand more from friends n families.
Thank you all.
But there will be a triple celebration next week..hehehe..
apa kah? tunggu a..


Life at 32..
Nothing is perfect..but i'm glad i'm blessed with a great husband a child this year. And with all the support from a warm family and relatives..i really shouldn't be asking for more.

But if a genie in a bottle happens to grant me 3 wishes..
These are my wishes.

1. Let the whole family be grant a healthy and prosperous life.
2. Let baby Neve be a successful child and bring pride to the family.
3. Let there be love all around all time.

...tpi kalu si genie bilang itu 3rd wish telampau 'general'..
mmbah..bagi sa kerita sport siap dgn driber yg bulih bawa sa p mana2 sja la.
heheh..ok kah. 

The babe..msih tetidur.
3 weeks today.

Age is just a number.
But right now..there's another number that keeps haunting my mind.
The post pregnancy weight.
The scale pointed 56kg the last week (last pregnancy weight was 66kg).
"cepat juga turun berat ko.." itu nurse bilang.
well..hmm..still not happy.

I sTiLL cannot fit my wedding ring.
i can ALMOST fit my hubbi ring instead.

so..that's another wish i would like to see 'happen' this year.
mm..bukan new ring..
i just want to wear my wedding ring..again.
doi gia.


Isabel said...

Happy birthday, nc! Saya nda buka ring sya time pregnant, jadi sampai skg, lepas tangan menggemuk sejak pregnant, susah betul mau tnggal tu ring melainkan klo pkai sabun..huhu

Vienne said...

Happy birthday~~may all ur wishes come true..harap2 itu genie btul kan?

Just said...

Happy belated buffday NC. celebration nda penting ba yg penting the love ones ada sama2 kita. :) btw, sia 58kg time mo beranak tu. don't worry, turun jg tu balik. tp dulu tu jari2 sia nda mengembang. kembang pun sikit ja. Ba, hope u can wear ur wedding ring asap. :)

Joanne Juend said...

happy belated birthday nc!

may all your dreams will come true, said or unsaid ones ;)

memeljoan said...

Heheh...happy birthday again nc walaupun sdh sa wish di fb...may all ur wishes come true...have a nice day!

lilies.john said...

happy birthday!!! :)

lydia1212 said...

nc, sya pun turun banyak.. pasal sleepless nights sama nda buli makan macam2 hehehe.. ko yakin ja buli muat suda tu nanti :)

TaQuiLa said...

happy birthday mdm.nc~!

have a blessed one with ur loves :)

Nanak said...

happy belated bday nc :)

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Sabar saja lah, lama lama muat juga tu.

Anyway, Happy birthday.

nc said...

thnk u my dear ladies.. :)
ur wishes really made my day :)))))

beaty said...

happy bday NC have a blast ya..

aik cepat juga turun ur berat kan..bh palan2 bah..nanti mau trn juga tu..jangan risau..

Armstrong said...

Atukoi, happy super belated birthday Nancy! ;D

Your baby is the ultimate birthday gift kan. Hehee.

Kereta sport dengan driver? Nda ok. Bagus lagi ko minta genie ko pilot dengan helicopter sekali hahaa.

66kg to 56kg? Sia 70kg, Nancy. Na,brabis suda sia mo kasi turun ni LOL.

Ba, have an awesome Friday, NC!

CathJ said...

aduiii... I miss my wedd ring too.. sudah bertahun2 tidak muat! hahahahha..

all the best ya.. ^_^

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