06 September 2010

The BlogWalking Award

Thank u Cath for the BlogWalking Award :)
Baru dpt buat ni..

Okay,, lets get some answers here.

1. Apakah yang bermain di minda anda sekarang?
1. Regrets. My cat of 8 years died yesterday. We wanted to bring him to the vet today. Too late. I never blogged about him. He was too camera shy..he was a silent pride.
2. Surprise, angry, relieve, praying. My hubbi's on the way home now after crossing(driving)the great river just last midnite. crazy. no call. everybody was thinking of going home only. - he said.
Si iTam. He was black. Loyal. Jaguh.

2. Apakah nama samaran anda:

3. Siapakah 3 orang yang paling kamu sayang?
three..i don't know..its too hard to limit everyone into just three.

4. Panggilan untuk si dia?
joibit. His real name.then he'll go crazy and we'll start the calling names war. i like it.

5. Hadiah yang diimpikan daripada seseorang yang istimewa?
that istimewa person..my dad used to give me a gold Parker pen on my birthday. n that was what i hoped for..n still use until now.
my other istimewa person.. my other half..he's sooo not into present..so anything will do. may be a trip to the moon ..

6. Blog mana yang selalu anda lawat?
A lot. From what u can see in blog roll. Blogger friends..photographers..arts junkies..cat lovers..blogs widget..story tellers.. :)

7. Tag kan kepada 15 blogger
sure..i'd like to tag these to my new found buddies via BorneoColours.com and my fellow blogger friends of course.

BloggieDoggie Deanona
Sorbet 13's Santafire
CJ GoTravel Cath
SJB's Photopage
Tom Rungitom
Colourful Michelle
AnakJagung Ned
Borneo Love Ida
Grace D.R
The Sweetest Surprise
Angel's Etcetra
Alv's Im No One

Have a great day everyone..
Life is always good. It is our choice to make it or break it.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

thanks for the tag nc! sorry to hear about ur cat. 8 years ba tu. so sad. :(

Zoi said...

duii gia..kesian si gaman. asal mo balik sungai, mo balik sungai..harap2 dia selamat sampai.

hahha..lucu pula tu peperangan nama. dulu si yus selalu buat mcm tu, skrg jarang sdh..sbb sa nda suka dia panggil nama penuh sia.

Anonymous said...

Weow~...thnks for the tag! hihi...

aiyaa kesian tu meow2...huhu

Alv0808 said...

Aikk..sa pun ada kena tag ka? hehehe..bh hutang dulu. Besok sa jwb hehehe...

Happy holiday..

Santafire said...

alamaks, sa pun kena tag XDDD

AngeL BeaR said...

wor, i'm in the list...bah...sa bikin bisuk aaa....

anyway, sad to hear about your cat. really understand how you feel. *hugs*

stella said...

waa... p honeymoon lg ka nc..yea..best tu jalan2..:)

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