19 September 2010

At the Edge of HoLiDay

School's holiday is almost over.
My life is back to normal.
..i found out myself saying this to my other half everytime school holiday's in and out.
'Kenapa?" he asked. 
Why not. 
An ordinary n and in-out life turns colourful and lively when you spend time with your loved ones.
Don't you agree?
Okay, save the best for last. hehe

Isn't the picture nice?
The girls have blogged about it. Now, witness it nc's version. hehe..
As you have read from Annieming and Angel's  blog..the unplanned meet (i wouldn't call it gathering, since we actually met for a reason hehe) took place at Old Town White Coffee CityMall.

Its been a while since i attended any bloggers meet or gathering. And since this is the first time meeting Angel..i say, this is great. I tag Annieming along..hehe..Kay Abdullah was supposed to be there as well, but urm..was not able to make it. The whole chit chat session was simply relaxing n (i have to say this again), GREAT! i wish there will be more meet or gathering in the future.

nc says: for more pictures and the real reason i met Angel and Annie that day..check out my iHaveADream Creations. hehe


Kay said...

patut sia ada ba tu kan...hehe nanti next time kita mesti jumpa betul2...:)

memeljoan said...

macam kerinduan pula sa mo jumpa kamu2 lagi tau...ehehhe

chegu carol said...

yep, still longing for more holidays. liat badan mau bangun this morning...

happy working and a pleasant week ahead nc :)

nc said...

Kay: itu laitu sa bawa ko pigi.. tpi ko bz gia makan kui raya..hehe :)

Memel: ya ba.. kalau ko ada sini.. memang sa mau tag ko juga tu..hehe..mana tau ko free kn..

Chegu carol: i know the feeling , malas kn.. tpi.. pa bleh buat la.
yep..palan2 la kita kn ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i hated going to school this morning :/

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