22 September 2010

Out To SaLuT

I lost a bet with mi other half the last World Cup.
Yep, you guessed right.
A meal for two at Salut.
(and it's only the recent school holiday that we had the chance to go there.isk isk isk..)

..nasib bukan di Africa.
But, it's okay..i Love SaLut!
The seafood restaurant, of course.
If you want any more fresher seafood than this.. you have to catch them yourself.
By the way, this post is also dedicated to my good friend Ervina, who wishes to belanja me there in the future? hehehe..

Bah.let's see some stuff here.
The surrounding and the inside of the restaurant. Peaceful..kalau time lunch..nda ramai org. Try going there at nite..bulih tahan.., not forgetting the mosquitoes bite as well.
What do you expect from a floating restaurant in a mangrove area?

I can never get enough of the beautiful boardwalk that reminds me of my growing up years in kampung Tanjung Aru before. Take a walk here..while waiting for your food. Relaxing..very serene view. I love the smell of the salty mist of the water. Everything just brings me back to my childhood.

And...the order of the day..
Kailan with mushroom and oyster sauce
Sweet n sour prawn
Steamed garoupa
Sup sayur masin n tomato n ikan
nyehehe..that's for the two of us eating.
Nda pa, kasi kanyang bos dlu.
Drinks of the day..
Air bandung n dragon fruit juice.
Nice colour kn? pink2 ni..

30 minutes and a few burps later.

And we had this all under the price of rm100.
Just nice for a seafood restaurant.
By the way.. where is SaLuT?
It's in Jalan Sulaman Tuaran..you can never miss it as there will be a BiG signboard of the restaurant on the road side.
Good Luck.

nc says: org cakap makan fresh seafood mahal. memang mahal juga la. but salut is just nice..the price and the taste. Come and you'll understand.


Stella said...

Nice! Mo p try lah nnti..:)

Ervina said...

hehe... surely will bring makan2 here... ba buli ba kalo ko nanc' nanti kita pigi ramai2 okie... end of this year ya.! sadappp ooo slurps

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Sa pun suka pg sana...nice place with nice food!

Rungitom said...

Pricey but satisfying, baru lah ngam hehe.

AngeL BeaR said...

salut and gayang...hehehehee =)

Just said...

ingatkan apa ba salut ni. Hehe.. Msk dlm list dulu ni tmpt.. Nice view.. I loike!

memeljoan said...

ooo begini pula rupanya salut yg drg cakap2 tu...mbah, nnt ada masa dan peluang, sa mo try la pula makan di sana..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i've heard of it before...now i wanna go there! :D

nc said...

Stella: yes.. have to :)

ervina: bah..hujung tahun tu kn..haha

wyne ren: yep, so agree with u.. very2 nice place to have seafood

Rungitom: ya, memang berpatutan.. tpi heran ni,, ada juga yg sa penah dgr komplen pasal mahal.. haha..cuba la p tempat lain.

AngelBear: o yes.. i have yet to try Gayang o.. mau p juga nanti ni :)

Just: ya, ni list yg patut di cuba kalu di sini.. famous. hehe

memel: gini la rupa salut.. very relaxing..open space. bukan yg luxury2 punya tempat ni.. so.. ada nyamuk o kalau malam.hehe

Amanda: yep, u btter.. its a must try for seafood restaurant :)

wa...so many haven't heard about Salut pula kn.. glad i blog about it :)

Mia said...

Kalau ada masa best ooo pegi makan seafood sana ramai2 kan nc....sya ada dalam 3 kali suda pegi sana...yang paling sya suka dia punya udang kena rebus biasa saja tu...punya freshhhhhh.....sedapnya..kalau makan sama sambal lagi tu...macam mo kluar suda air liur sya ni...hehe

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