27 September 2010

Mari Mandi Sungai

I've done so much during the recent school holidays and will be blogging one story at a time about it hehe..
One week of unpaid leave was worth it - for a quality time spending with my beloved ones.. and also taking time to decor decor our new home..hehe..nda pandai siap2 ni...the excitement come and go..hmm..will only blog about it..perhaps later in life - haha..kidding.
Money can't buy Time. But i'm willling to bargain..hehe

Right..the best part of balik kampung mentua that i like will have to be mandi sungai.
who doesn't?

Mi hubbi refused to take me to a public swimming pool everytime, 
"bagus lagi mandi sungai," dia bilang.
ok bah bos..
so..to the little sungai we went..back at his home, and down hill..down..down hill. Where u need to go up up hill first before reaching the kampung.
And this time.. he brought me to a new trail. Funny how everytime we go mandi sungai.. ada sja jalan baru dia kasi tunjuk ni.. and THiS time..across the green paddy field.
As i have never walked or touched a sawah (paddy field) before. seriously.
Kesian kn..
A little cousin tag along  to "andi ungai.."- dia bilang.
The river is just in front of the paddy field.
Beautiful..isn't it.
I was left behind as i was busy taking pictures (with my Nokia only).
The best part was jumping from one level of sawah to another..i felt like i was in one of the Jackie Chan movie that has paddy field in one of the scene. Hehe..don't remember the title though..

And the river view from just nearby our home. 
Once you hear the rushing water.. you feel like you want to dip in ASAP.
Notice the water level? It's soo little now actually compared to the yesteryears..according to my family. Perhaps its the drought that caused it. But i sheepishly felt thankful.. as the water level is just nice to have a cool dip and never has the risk of drowning? hehe..especially for young kids.

And..we're there.
What a peaceful sight.
It's one of the hidden jewel of this small kampung.
A treasured spa and relaxation avenue only for the exclusive..haha..
There are a lot of spots along the river where u can have a nice dip and forget about everything.

And this time..it is HERE.

nc says: will be coming back for more.


Ervina said...

wah siok ooo... lama enda mandi sungai! siokkk

Kay said...

wah best o......lm sdh sa x mandi sungai..

Just said...

Wahh.. so peaceful oo.. sooo greeeeen. Sia trauma skit sama sawah padi ni sbb kicil2 ada tu lintah p kaki. yayyy.. trus gali ni kunun.. hehehe..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

sya pun lama x mandi sungai o..
selalu di swimming pool ja..hehe
lain kali mau jalan2 lah cari sungai..:)

Alv0808 said...

What a great weekend. Fresh, free and memorable too

Angel said...

I looovee mandi sungai too! Selalunya sy yang paling 1st terjun, sy juga yang paling last keluar dari sungai.

Last Xmas holiday kami picnic di sungai. Trus kan Nancy, berabis berenang x mo balik, the next thing I know, dorang semua dalam kereta suda tinggal mo jalan balik lagi. Mo dekat suda sa kena kac tinggal! As a result to that, sa naik d belakang tu pick-up (sbb takkan mo duduk d dalam kan basah2) dan hampir mati kesejukan sbb basah+angin. Bapa sa bilang, kalah nieces and nephews sa. lol

Bah, boleh la kita buat trip p berenang2 n picnic d sungai ni. Hehe :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wah! i feel like its been AGES since i mandi sungai...and walked on the tabasan!

Kris and Nadia said...

uinah, bestnya :D mmg cantik ba tu tmpt :D

nc said...

ervina: uiks..memang siok. nda pernah miss ni kalu balik sana. kdg2 teda kazen2 or nieces yg mo ikut mandi sungai time tu.. so, kami be dua2 ja kunun..haha..tau2 kena paksa ni ba.

kay: bah, nanti kita p mandi ramai2 a.. hehe

just: sa nda p injak yg sana ada air tu,,hehe.. takut juga tu ada gitu2.. tpi kn.. sa keCantikannnn betul tu tampat.. sb memng nda penah bejalan di sawah betul2..hehe

Stella: sa pun suka juga mandi si swimming pool kunun.. tpi.. my hubbi nda kasi. dia ckp sihat lagi mandi sungai..haha..padahal malas ni ba membawa p masuk swimming pool

Alv: yes, truly. everynow and then,, we should have weekends like this ba kn. but this one.. i did in the middle of the week... n o so siok o. lupa dunia. hehe

Angel: hahaha..betul ba.. bulih tahan ko ni a.. ada fight juga la kita ni. ngam ni mandi sungai ramai2.. tpi sa nda pndai sgt berenang ba ni, jadi di tepi tepian ja. hehe.. orait.. set,, bulih ba tu.. buat gathering di sungai2 la kita nanti kn :)

Amanda: u know the feeling when u suddenly step into these experience again. wonderful. bah,, projek this weekend..apa kata jalan2 di tabasan? hehe ;)

Nadia: ya, cantik ni,, hijau2.. sb penuh pokok2 sana ni..siok mcm di spa original, especially when u try n lie on the batu2 in the flowing streams..uiseh..

SJB said...

Aduhhhh rindu mandi sungai.

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