Picture this:
An old couple.
The man with a walking stick, worn and torn shirt,
an expressionless face.
The woman, holding on to the man on one hand, a plastic bag full of empty aluminium cans on the other. Her face expresses only one thing: life must go on.

This is a real life senior citizen couple whom i have just witnessed a few hours ago. Amidst the crowd of the hustle and bustle of Centre Point surrounding.

S a d.

I have actually seen them a few times before making their rounds in the same building..looking for lucky cans to gather and sell, i guess.

My heart sank every time i see them.
The only question that came on my mind was..
'how could they??'
THEY: their children/relatives/families left them to fight their own life just like that???


Don't they care?

Despite the mysterious background of the old couple, i am positive that they STILL have a family somewhere..
I am truly amazed at how the woman stand by her man (her husband, i suppose) when he's walking on stick. Truly. That is pure love. Real love. Commitment to a promise of being together for a life time.

(courtesy of Google)

We will all grow old one day.
Do not abandon the old.
They brought us here.

Remember: what you give, you get back. so give LOVE - unconditionally.

*This message is brought by Your's Sincerely..nc.*

..gosh..in no mood for merdeka day.. since..not everyone in Malaysia are truly merdeka yet-especially in their thoughts and actions.

nc says: kalau sa tenampak lagi dorang next time, sa mau bagi sesuatu..momom kah.. minuman kah..dont know whether they will accept or shout at me or not. But at least i tried. Promise.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

kesian kan. really, u do wonder where the hell are their children. if no children, at least nephews or niece. kesian o. at least la, hantar la parents ko di old folks home if cannot jaga kan...

AngeL BeaR said...

erm....sad to see that. wonder what will happen if one of them gone first. sounds harsh but that's reality.

Just said...


i owez ter-touch bila nmpk old folk couple. To grow old together in no matter what conditions that touch me.. :D

Sometimes ada org tua yg prefer to stuggle with their own life specially bila anak2 sibuk dgn hal masing2. Hmm..

Kris and Nadia said...

Ya oo so sad ni, ba kenapa ko nda blanja makan dorg :D hehehe... nasib sya masi ada satu nenek masi kuat lg sana kampung :) nanti mo p melawat nenek la :D rindu pula tetiba :D

Santafire said...

unappreciative children are on the loose!

sigh.. somepeople.

memeljoan said...

Sa pun pandai tersedih tiba2 ni kalau sa nampak org tua yg angkat barait sm btongkat2...klu org tua kana marah anak pun sa pandai kesian...

Verone said...

that's sad :( But at least they have one thing- love for each other. I wonder if they are illegal immigrants who do not have any children and are left with that cruel fate...my heart goes for them too.

nc said...

Amanda: true.agree. the moment i saw them, i can only think of the same question. these are local people..:(

AngelBear: another moment of truth to face kn.. so kesian..

Just: i think so too, who knows perhaps their children wanted to send them to old folks home..but they disagree thus live a life like that. i mean like, kalau dorang(parents) bleh jaga kita dulu.. why kita tak bleh jaga dorang ka skg?

nadia: hehe..mau juga ni.. tpi sa tkut2 juga kalau dorang tiba2 marah sa ni.. hehe..tpi..akan di cuba next time.

santafire: thats right. no mercy.

memeljoan: tu la ba tu..sa pla yg sebak betul tenampak dorang.. :(

verone: yes, unconditional love. based on their skin color and facial feature..confirm bukan illegal immigrant. local people. very much. gosh i really despise the children now.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Di mana menghilang itu anak2 bila itu old folks memerlukan durang? Kesian bah.. Huhu

Alv0808 said...

Yes I always see this people and I do really envy them. They have nothing but do have everything in what we long to have..

Saya pernah tegur this couple..mereka hanay senyum. Mungkin tidak mengerti apa saya cakap or just a friendly respond to my question.. I heart them. May God bless them..

Grace D said...

mana juga ko nampak diorang nie nc..dui sian nya

Ida Athanazir said...

i cannot imagine life without my love. Good post sis.

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