25 August 2010

I Feel Great

I feel great.
Just great to be alive and breathing for 31 years.

and for all the joy, happiness, bittersweet things in life that have abundantly been bestowed upon in various forms..with or without realizing it.
I should be thankful.

..and so.. i woke up today with this particular song ringing in my head.
i like the tune. ignore the lyrics.. :)
and enjoy the music.

i can feel the music in me.

( B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars)

nc says: thank u dear friends for the wishes. ..to all the beautiful girls out there.. yes, YOU. this song is for you..listen to the song.. and feel great. bcos thats what u are.


Anonymous said...

yeah~i love the 1st stanza of this song's lyric. Beautiful girls all over the worlds...hehe. have a great2 birth'day. :D

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Happy Birthday to you...

Amanda Christine Wong said...

happy bday! Nobody's got nothin on you today ;)

chegu carol said...

Happy birthday nc!
And cheers for many more birthdays to celebrate!

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Nc! You shared the same date with my BFF ;-)

Kay said...

happy birthday..mmm ko kejar sa sudah...apa hadiah hubby ko bagi?

nc said...

thnk u dear all... :) wow.. im old..haha..but young at heart. ;)

Kay: hadiah?haha..msti kena suruh pilih hadiah sndri. manangis dia nanti klau suruh dia yg bepikir mau kasi hadiah apa..hehe..haiii..some men are like that.

Shirley S Wong said...

Happy b'day NC...nampak baru 13 yrs old bah hehehehe

Ida Athanazir said...

hope ur birthday was a blast!

i loVe this song :)

SJB said...


Note: Ya, saya pun suka ni lagu.

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