..was down..n down n down..these few days
but it is true when people say that music can heal your soul and make u smile
A great song always saves a bad day.
and..i could listen to this one, over and over again.
Headphones on. Loud.


O.K...I woke up in heaven today
She kissed me I floated away (away)
Never felt anything so great
Alright, now I brace myself for the fights
I’m light as a feather tonight

**Cause I can’t feel the ground
Someone let me down
I never felt so high as I do now
Its too good to be true
I don’t deserve you
I never felt a love strong enough to
Stop this world from spinning
Stop this world from spinning

And I see heaven when she looks at me
In her smile is the most amazing dream
And in her eyes I fall asleep
And I hope
Hope that she can see through the smoke
Of my imperfections into my soul
And my heart where she has control (she has control)

Happiness like this can never last (can never last)
Turns into the memories of the past (turns into the memories of the past)
??? (going just as fast)

for the Ne Yo fans out there..this is for you.
dont be bothered by the 'SHE' in the lyric..ladies.hehe..just turn it into a 'HE'

nc says: kadang2..lagu bukan sekadar lagu. boleh mencermin kn diri kita dan penyuntik semangat2 yg sewaktu dengan nya.. betulkn? :)


SJB said...

Love Ne-Yo. Eh lagu dia saja hehehe.

Kay said...

aik knpa ko down ja ni..PMS ka? hehe..ba dengar la muzik selalu..:)

Gallivanter said...

Spot on with your Malay comment Nancy. :-)

nc said...

SJB: hehe..i love all his songs too :) his voice espcially

Cath: ntah ni. somthing terpelanting kali..

Gallivanter: haha..makaseh... :)

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Sebab itu lah, lagu banyak membantu kita dalam segala hal kehidupan...Love music, love Ne-Yo!

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