Where else? at our very own Lokawi Wildlife Park of course.

I've been to the park quite a few times..but have never EVER watched the Wild Borneo Animals Show. Have you? Then i'm sure you're amazed as me? hehe
One word that describe the Borneo wild animals : INTELLIGENT

Right, catch the show at 11.15 am or 3.30 pm everyday at the amphitheatre.
You might want to come early as the seats are always full.

Look at the crowd. I was with 80 students myself. There were also two groups of school-going children and a lot of foreign tourists. And THIS is during a WEEKDAY.
"O..ini biasa sja ni. Sikit sja ni" said the park staff. :)

I truly had fun. Watching the visitors having their rounds with the animals..entertaining.
One of my student LOSE in a game of ripping the coconut husk to Mowgli (a seven year old orang utan). Just look how happy one of the boys to hold the uLar SaWa and a tourist who got to be up, close and personal with a civet. Actually, sa pun mau p join bah, tpi, kasi chan yg muda2 dlu la..haha

One of my favourite is the parrot who raised the Malaysian flag. Gosh, aren't they intelligent?
But wait till you see the same parrot playing dead! Inda lagi mau bangun2 tu..sblm kena ketuk tu meja. The staff called the parrot to wake up but it only lifted its head up, kunun.

See the parrot? Playing dead after being 'shot' by the staff. So cute!

The first time i went to the park was during its soft opening in 2007. And a few more rounds in between. But the park has always something new to amaze people. Ruby the nocturnal tiger (forgive me, i dont really remember the name of the species, but she's the one near the birds cage at the entrance) is still there. I was happy yet sad at the same time. How would YOU feel living in captivity for the rest of your life? :( but on the bright side..they're well taken care of, and have a 'home'.
ANYWAY..sad stories aside.
The picture above shows a Binturong or a bearcat. kiut kn?
You will feel like hugging this one for sure. Besar tu..

Last but not least..hehe
A picture with a big reptile - not a favourite actually. I despise snake, especially ular sawa, since it makes me imagining how this harmless looking reptile is swallowing my helpless cats!! - everytime i see one. But then, just for the record. SNAP!
A picture of me, ular sawa, and an ex student of mine. Nice!

Entah, bleh kah nda this video. My first time uploading a video via blogspot.
It's the one where the parrot plays dead. Enjoy!

nc says: misti mau bawa satu family pgi tgk animal show next time. happiness gerenti. apalagi time tu burung terbang2 atas kepala..huhu..


Anonymous said...

waa lokawi...rindu pula mau jln2 sana and touch2 the gajah yg besar and tgk tu monkeys bgayut hehe. oh...the parrot!pandainye :)

Santafire said...

i went to a zoo like 15yrs ago... just not sure if its lok kawi. it should be rite?

Lawatan sambil belajar during primaries XD

Angel said...

Ada sa pg ni last year trus sa ada crush secara kecil-kecilan sama tu orang yang d gambar kedua last tu. hehe. Siok kan sana. Lain kali sa p sana sa mo naik gajah. Mesti mesti mesti mo naik gajah! hehe :)

nc said...

michelle: best kn p sana :)

santafire: hehe..yep, now its my turn to organize these things for the them (^_^) and im still enjoying every visit dui gia..haha

Angel: angel,, student sia tu dlu hehe..very naughty, yet intelligent and well..as u can see :)

SJB said...

Last time kami di sana tiada lah pulak show dorang. Kali bukan tiap tiap hari kan?.

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