29 July 2010

Whenever You Call

What do you do when you miss someone, and there's NO other way to get to that person except for a 20 minutes hill -climbing to find a mobile connection - if the weather permits?

You have to walk uphill this one.
Would you do it?

Welcome to the remote jungle of Borneo.
It is where my hubbi is stationed to work for more than 3years now.

Where every phone calls is precious and there's no way returning THAT call if you've missed iT.

Bored living in the city?

Fancy a four hours boat ride via the Kinabatangan river and watch wildlife along the way?

Then, this should be the place for you.
Though i haven't set my foot there yet, i do want to explore and experience myself the great Kinabatangan and Kuamut life. Don't you? The picture above are views of the Kuamut jetty where the water levels would rise and flood the village and school area during rainy season. In the meantime, it IS where everyone fishes and an alternative source of water (say.. when it doesn't rain for a few weeks?).

A view on top of the hill where everyone will go and make a call.
Mi hubbi says it keeps him fit and on the go (sebab slu naik bukit kn).
I really appreciate him for this. Sincerely. Since i have no way to get to him.
And if you're thinking of the journey coming home or going back there?

Get ready for a 3 hours bumpy and wet wet ride.
The Kuamut river. Pray that it doesn't rain, so the water level will not rise, and you get to cross - safely.

Come back home safely, mi dier - everytime.
God bless.

nc says: no wonder a lot of people sing.. " climb the highest mountain, swim the widest ocean, just for u"
But for me? I'll sing: "I will follow youuuuuu" ..sebab line DiGi ja ada sana..huhu


Lauralee said...

Aw wow.

Stella O.K. said...

aih line digi ja ada sana..celcom teda?.. skali skala p kampung2 jauh dr bandar pun siok juga kan..:)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Wah susah jg oh.. Bila dia mau pindah here Nc?

Angel said...

Wah nice. This is a place for me. Well, once in a while la. Sa suka tempat2 mcm ni. Lagi2 yang kereta mo sebrang sungai tu, my dad don't understand why I like to be in the care and feel the wow wow wow dalam kereta. You know I love the feeling of, yang kalo tu kereta stuck, pg tolong. It feels like being in an important mission. Lepas tu kalo suda sampai to the other end yang selamat, the feeling is soooo goooood! :)

nc said...

LauraLee: thnks for dropping by :)

Stella: ya, digi sja ada. itu pn mau kna pndai cari line ni. sb tu tepaksa naik bukit. he calls every other day sja. kalau ari2..huhu..susah juga bah kn.

Annieming: ni la ni,,tpi..lama2 besa juga sda. since we need to understand each other's situation. harap2 tahun ni lulus dia punya permohonan ;)

Angel: wa...i can imagine the scene o..adventurous juga ko ni a.. :) sa pn tggu2 timing yg sesuai mau pgi sana ba ni. sebab sa berabis mau p sana, dia cari alasan ja mau keluar. so, dia malas mau bawa sa msuk balik sana haha..susah kn..

Vienne said...

kalau sa kan..sa x sanguup oo..biarlah besar gaji pun sa masi tia sanggup...lagi2 kalau naik turun bukit...
harap2 ur hubby dapat pindah atleast pi town yg nda payah naik boat..

nc said...

vienne: kalau sa pun tak sanggup hehe..kesian bah juga mau naik bukit..semata2 utk call kn.
thnks vienne..i oso hope he will be transfered nearer :)

AngeL BeaR said...

hrm....and i fly 1500km across the sea once every 2-3 months...haiz....

memeljoan said...

Hi nc...hmm, sa x tau sa sanggupkah x kalau dpt tmpt mcm ni tp mcm siok juga dpt suasana kg mcm tu kan?my friend dulu mengajar di klang tp since hubby dia diposting di pdalaman sarawak, dia sanggup join hubby dia p sana...and mcm happy ja drg sana...:)

nc said...

Angelbear: so kesian kan us. wat to do...love long distance

memeljoan:hehe..siok juga la kalau kadg2..tpi kalau ari2 sana..pndai boring juga dia bilang :) my hubi nda galakkan sa p sana sb dia yakin kunun sa nda bleh betahan sana. tpi,,nda pa la juga kn, i still need to work. :)

SJB said...

Bagus juga DIGI mana mana pun boleh dapat.

Chybee said...

so adventurous...and such an interesting life your husband has

nc said...

SJB: ya ba,, digi sja kunun ni dpt sna.. kuat btul tu org kuning naik bukit o haha

CHybee: hehe..thnks..but sometimes he says its a bit boring there

Rahma said...

As for me... will do the same as u hehehee... "I will follow youuuu...." heheheee ^-^v

nc said...

Rahma: thnks.. hehe..yep.."follow follow u..." :)

Anonymous said...

ermm... i'am posted at the same place in 2002 to 2005. still no cellular signal anywhere, no roads... just 8 hour on a boat ride. yeah.. no rm1500 also. chartered boat are rm300 per trip.... but god bless, i meet my wife there.

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