A Story Never Told.
Y e s.
I was an active CSS member way back in my campus study years in UMS.
CSS stands for Catholic Students Society.
It felt welcomed by being in the circle of strangers (then) but with the same faith. I learn how to praise the Almighty not just by prayers but through singing (especially those with actions, gosh..best bah) and our everyday words and deeds.
Looking back, i couldn't believe i have gone through all three years of studies and filled my schedule with the CSS activities as well (though not a super active member hehe) AND enjoyed it.
One of the most memorable thing that strike me still is the Belia Masuk Kampung activity.
An activity that was looked foward by all members every semester.
An activity that has brought us to the deep of the interior to share the news of Love from God. AND at the same time, a chance to learn the culture, lifestyles and stay with a foster family for a few days.
It might not be THE activity that all students was excited about at the time, but it was for a biG chunk of us.
Believe me,
when you are in a the middle of the interior, with Mount Kinabalu as your backdrop and cool weather surrounding you, there's nothing else you would want - but be AMAZED at the work of God.
Kampung Bunga Raya, Keningau.
Taking a picture with fellow friends and villagers at the church.
A masjid is nearby. This is Sabah.
Perhaps, it was the curiosty of the unknown that fired up my instinct to go places and meet people a.k.a jarang masuk kampung. My foster family owned a big wooden house. Yet, i could really feel their loneliness. A widow and two kids. I was glad we were there.
Second masuk kampung trip.
We were at the breathtaking interior of Tiang Lama in Ranau.
This was the most unforgettable, i guessed. My fellow friends and i stayed with senior parents in a sulap.
And they kept calling us ugou. :)
Ugou is a kadazandusun word that means 'dear'.
And the water running down from a bamboo-made pipe - cold. very cold. That's for shower - kampung style yeahh! Yet being there cured my almost a month of non stop coughing. I still have the hat i wore in the picture. hehe

And the last Masuk Kampung trip.

Kampung Batu Lunguyan, Keningau.
How could i ever forget crossing this river and strike a pose at the same time.

Want to know more about this place?
You can read it up here

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nc says:
did i mention that it was thru the CSS community that i met my future hubbi? heheh..yep. It happened. But looks like i have to drag him to mass now haha. hmm..i'm the angel in the family (kunun).


Angel said...

I was an active member of my CSS too. Still a student tp kurang active suda semenjak pg practical and doing research. huhu. Being in a CSS is one of the best memories as a uni student.

I met Bruno through CSS activities too. We were from different CSS and God has drawn us together through inter-css activities. I hope kami pun akan mengikut jejak kamu :)

Cath J said...

Nice... love the pics..

Verone said...

Hi NC...love reading this. As a teacher at UMS, I would like to meet the CSS members. Do you know how do I contact them? Thanks.

Gallivanter said...

And here I thought it was Cascading Style Sheet. No, I'm not a nerd, just well informed. :-P

nc said...

Angel: CSS made the campus feels like home. all the fellowship gathering..singing..praising..was great. but i have to admit, now..sa pn nda berapa aktif sda o.. :(

Cath: thnks..hehe..smua gmbr2 kena scan2 ja tu sb dlu2 blm ada digital camera :)

Verone: hi !!! :) thnks for the comment n visiting my blog ya :)
mmm..about the members of CSS now..im not really sure as im not an active member anymore...(shame2..) but i guess u can always find them in any of the Schools in UMS. Most catholic student will know about the community. u might want to ask a few students? hehe..hope that helps :)

Gallivanter: i knew some might get the wrong impression haha..gotcha..

memeljoan said...

Wah, sa pun teringat zaman di U...sa pun kira aktif juga sama SCSG (sabah catholic student group) dulu...ikut sabah camp lagi...best bah kalau ingat balik...ikut pertandingan koir krismas antara IPT lagi...no.1 lg tu...aisehmen!Rindu la pula...

Wina Edwina said...

hi nancy... nice entry here. make me miss my old uni days. Sa pun ada juga pgi belia masuk kg yg d batu lunguyan tu... I'm the one yg hampir lemas gara2 mo p bergambar sana batu dan telah diselamatkan oleh c marcus n c christopher... hahaha... bikin malu ja...really miss those days...

LadyKath said...

I was with Angel for the first year living campus life & we were active CSS members. One of what we gained from CSS activities that time was Bruno's hp no! Haha! Still rmbr, Angel? ;p

Those memory shall remain forever!

I'm still an active member but have to back-off this sem since it's my final sem.. huhu..

nc said...

memeljoan: aiseh..koir antara ipt a.. hehe..best kn :)

wina edwina: really? wow..great to meet u here hehe

ladykath: tu penemuan yg berharga tu.. :) its great that ur stil involved with CSS o.. not like me uhuhuhu

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