14 July 2010

Vacation for Two

Yeshh..will be going on a short..very shot escapade soon.
That was THE DEAL - if mi senors amigos in the World Cup won.
And ole..ole oole..they did WiN!

Looks like somebody's paying for a round of jalan2 then..hehe

But that's not the thing that i want to share with you today :)


A. Is it in the destination you're going?
B. How much $$ you're spending?
C. The many places you're visiting?
D. The souvenirs you're buying?
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above.

Ooopss..something macam terpelanting here.

Sincerely, i think it is in the person that you're going with.

Agree? :)

I remember a few days escapades that mi other half and i had recently. It was just in Sandakan. Itu pun sb ada business agenda di sana. We only stayed at budget accommodations..since we spent most times out doors. The time spent together with your significant other can never be replaced with any material gift in the world - i think. haha..but i'm sure you feel the same.

I also remember i accidentally booked a hotel room that was NOT equipped with a television set.

Yes. TV - less. It was at this jungle resort. Style jungle2 and eco friendly la kunun. And to make things worse..it was during the official opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup. There was not a single television set in the lobby or dining area. Ya, truly jungle resort i guess.
I felt guilty. He was a bit frustrated.
Inda dapat tingu siaran langsung gia..

A television-less evening of the night of the world cup opening ceremony. What could be worse than that?

Nothing. It was amazing.

An amazing television - less evening, on the night of one of the most important event in the world.

You get to spend the time together (okay, i'm really careful in choosing my words right now since i think i know what's in your mind NOW)

Laughter and jokes, teasing and everything..it's a DATE. Heheh..

All said and done - i'm ready for the next escapade.

So..how do you know u had a good time during ur holiday?

Taking a picture at the Balin Rooftop Garden & Bistro, Nak Hotel Sandakan.
xie xie ni amoi michelle..for bringing us there.
Cheers :)

A view of the Rooftop Garden at day. Amazing.
(courtesy of Sabah Tourism Board)

nc says: unduiii gia..honey lemon bah. hehe..driving bah.


SJB said...

Punya cantik tu view.

Mell_f said...

Eh u're staying in Nak Hotel or just singgah di rooftop? coz i think Nak Hotel got the TV. Fav place to stay while i'm in Sdk,betul2 di bandar :D

Looking at ur pic with ur hubby,mcm nda percaya kawan sy adalah adik dia. kicik ba dunia ni afterall yihee :)

Santafire said...

what makes a real vacation?
G. The memories you get to keep.

Vienne said...

oo yess...the most important is whom u go with...
sa setuju tu..barpun vacation tu sebelah kampung jak, tp kalau sama urang yg kita ngam/sayang...memang trus jadi siok ni

nc said...

SJB: yep,, memang lawa..time kami pgi malam..npk lampu2 malam di pelabuhan sndakan ja..tpi memang cantik sda

Mell: kami gi minum2 ja sana..kawan bawa..actually kami stay di sepilok ba yg cerita teda tv tu..kesian ni haha..kalau nda bleh juga p kedai mamak mana2 tingu tv kn..tpi nasib la..hehe

Santafire: that is very true :)
the memories will last forever even though the actual thing has ended :)

vienne : hehe..betul kn..mana2 kita pgi dgn org yg kita syg..like our family too, mesti happy. tak kira la berapa jauh o dekat tu tempat..(^_^)

chegu carol said...

a vacation for me is when the place still feels like home but obviously it's a total different way of life altogether. and when i get back, i'd be able to talk about it up to tiny details because ive enjoyed the vacay so much. to have the other half with you would be an extra advantage to be more sentimental of that particular holiday trip.

when i travel, i make it a point to have at least learn something new i.e of culture etc etc from the trip.

Kris and Nadia said...

Wow :) sya mau stay ooo sana sandakan :) nanti mau vacay lg d sana :D hihi :D siok pula kan life after married ni :) hihi

Rahma said...

ok, that's it... i've seen photos of sandakan taken by Nadia and reading this makes me said "I want to got to Sandakan!!" heheheee.... short trip with hubby, mesti best tu kan. Ours, :( selalu nda jadi huhuuuuu...

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