22 June 2009

The Photo Shoot

..it's been a week since we took The photo shoot, and all i can remember was the excitement of changing gowns and hairdos and posing romantically - haha.. yep. i remember the photographer asking us how we would like the pose and setting to be.. and we chose, simple and romantic. yikesss...but yes.
(im a hopeless romantic)

..for all the brides to be out there.. esp to nad nad (^_^) there are a lot of bridal house out there. but to find the right one is very hard, esp if ur a fussy (make that double fussy) customer like me. heheh..

i guess i made the right choice: Tanjung Aru Bridal House.

Tis' was the photo gifted to us (on the spot ni ,,), when we were just outsourcing them for info during their bridal promotion last March held in Wisma Merdeka. Nope,, its not bcos of this photo that made us decided to sign with them. Its because of their unique and execptional service.

Unique: all photo shoot is done outdoor or anywhere but the studio + the photographer is very people - oriented, open to suggestion,, and of course professional.
(ive heard and seen cases where the in-house photographer was a snob)

Exceptional service: customer care 100%, no matter how fussy or _________ (fill in the blank) u can be.

And.. and extra point for me is that this new bridal house is located in Tg Aru beach area - the place where i was born.. and my favourite sunset point.

Though the bridal package was quite expensive.. ( we got a promotion price, however),, everything.. (well, almost everything) was superb - esp the photo result. hehe.. will share some once i got the copies ya..,

I'm a tough customer.
That's why im really amazed at how they deal with my craziness and antiques. hmmm.. .smile if u know wat i mean ya (^_^)

and by the way,, we bumped into blogger JEJ and his fiancee getting some dresses for their occasion as well.. hehe.. too bad.. we didnt really know one another that time.. kalau nda.. berenti bercerita lagi kali. esehh..but they did see our crazy photo session. malu pla. (^,^)
posing balik2 nda jadi. sb katawa ja.

Finally, nc says: A great photo is much more than just a photo.
It's the click of the moment - that will always stay in your heart.

..curi2 snap .


Kris and Nadia said...

Wuahh.. ko bikin sya jeles.. huhu.. :( nangis sda ni.. hihi.. ya kan tanjung aru mcm hometown kita ba kan..sy pun dari tadika sampai high school sana stella maris..huahua.. ba amcm package dia?? okay?? brapa mahal maksud ko? hihi... byk tanya pula sya ni tau :)

Walker said...

A bride to be, fussy?
No that can not be possible.
Sounds like you found the perfect place for an enjoyable experience.

nc said...

Nadia - hehe,, nanti turn ko,, sa lagi jeles a,, hehe..sb terkenang memori lama..eseh.. haha..ba.. nanti sa cerita ko di fb a,,

Walker - :) thnks for the compliment Walker. i guess we did find the perfect place for the photo shoot :)

Stella O.K. said...

wah..sure cantik2 pic kamurang tu kan..hehe..bah cpt upload..:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello NC, beautiful photographs.
Its your love and his that makes the photograph the more beautiful and heart warming.
Keep a song in your heart and have a great weekend, best regards, Lee.

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