26 June 2009


It's a sad day. 26th June 2009. The world see two beautiful soul going back home - as we all will one day.


Decided to look for pictures that can cheer up a cloudy day. What else than my favourite furry friends - the miawwwwsss (^_^)

For the cats lover check on THIS website and see more collections of the adorable furry and funny.


They crawl. They jump. They scratch. They run.
Beautiful. Adorable. Healing. Loving.
Whatever they do
Wherever they sleep
Whenever they purr
It makes you smile
It makes you wonder
It makes you YOU.

kesian ni kucing..hehe

how true.. :)

don't you just feel like saying MOOOOO and cuddle this cat :)

my cat does this - kena marah,, trus dia merajuk o.haha

ah..just like our love patch miaw at home


candid confucius

they're grumpy, but still adorable

spot the cat

and the best of all :)


ErviNna said...

muaaaa...meooowwww.... u really makes me wanna adopt a cat oooo! so cute and adorable. tapi kalo sia balik kk cuti siapa mau jaga kucing sia? sobs sobs...

Stella O.K. said...

kiutnya kucing2 itu...... ;)

Kris and Nadia said...

wawa.. byknya peminat kucing ni tau :) ya very sad day oo kan ni hari.. sedih jg sya rasa ooo..

Hobbit Wife said...

Cute cats! You love cats NC? :)

Lee Beth said...

The cutest funniest thing ever!

nc said...

hi all!! :) thanks for the comment :) cats are beautiful adorable creatures, playfull and never dull.

i luv cats, they make me happy :)

The Little Jewelry Box said...

i am out tryig to network:)! i would love to add one another as followers! let me know if you are interested! have a great day!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello NC, love your sense of humour.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

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