19 June 2009

Like A Rose

i luv roses. red, yellow, pink, ..purple..if there's any.

was browsing thru YouTube videos looking for the LikeARose video clip,, when i found this meaningful piece instead.

"Love is the biggest promise u can make, and the worst one u can break." ...

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

..to all the lovey dovey couples out there: this one's for u.

Nc says: Love is destiny. U cant see it but u know its there.

..let's LoVe.


Stella O.K. said...

interesting..... ;)

Kris and Nadia said...

uiyoo... mula cari lagu2 best utk wedding ka? NC.. i suggest ko buat lg blog utk wedding ko.. sama2 kita jadi member.. amcm? kita tanya pendapat org2 mana make up, hairdo n etc yg bagus2.. amcm???

ErviNna said...

emmm... "Love is the biggest promise u can make, and the worst one u can break." I really like this one Nanc, really an eye opener.... time to cry time release and time to move on! muah...

nc said...

stella - thnks. Love is always interesting kn,, my fav subjct to blog tu,, haha

nadia - adeh.. nda la ni, kalau buat satu lagi blog utk wedding,,mau juga.. tpi tiada masa mau jaga o.. tpi kalau ko yg buat.. sa sokong 150%. but i will blog lots of stuff bout it here ja la,, hehe

ervina - this one's for u. good luck in everything u do. have faith.

Kris and Nadia said...

okay ba kalu ko... sya pun kalu sya free2 n datang semangat sya nanti sya buat blog utk wedding k :)

Walker said...

Love........interesting concept.
Love is a world you live in.
It's not a person or persons.
It's a bubble trapping two souls together into one entity as their passion keeps it strong and afloat.

nc said...

Walker - yep, that is Love - definitely.

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