05 June 2009

The Pre Talk 1

..my frens said im having THE marriage fever. perhaps. - been doing preparation stuff at the wrong time, wrong place, writing messages to wrong people..this..that..that..this. huh..and the big date is actually in November. i know..its quite a long way to go yet. but i dont have a sidekick in this. i hate doing thingssssssssssssssssssssss alone.

it's the school holiday. everybody important seems to be a teacher. now u see them. now u dont. For now..i see them.

(..BiG sighhh)


was at the pre marriage talk last nite - part 1.
About 50 couples were there. too bad nad nad,, ur not there,, kalu nda,, blh kita katawa2 ni..at some real life stories the speaker shared that can really be related with each of us.

hmm..so this is what pre talk is all about.

2 words for me to describe it: reality bites.
It's obvious that no marriage is a fairy tale. If you can make it to 3 years,, u might have a chance..and if u've been together for 20 years or so..then ur doing fine. yes, fine. Not FANTASTIC or SUPERB, since some couples still face the risks of a divorce even at this stage. reason? Communication.


What is communication..why communicate..how to communicate..hmmm..
It all seemed like the topics ive been preaching before in lecture.
When suddenly it became interesting when the speaker relates it communication between husband and wife.

My fiance couldnt stop laughing..isk3..at the jokes of the speaker - esp when the topic was about men having to be AWARE or BEWARE..of their ladies season.
Red, Yellow, Green.

wanna guess?

but it was great.
as i've realized. reality bites.

and the most precious lesson of the day was knowing that the root of all evil is love..for money. which is even mentioned in the holy scriptures. how could anyone fail to realize this? Money. $$$$$

(..stuff flashing in my mind)


(..another BIG sigh)

i've got one week.school holiday will be over in a blink. wish me luck.

..i luv cartoonstock. it keeps my feet on the ground.


Michelle said...

Moi, wat t meaning wt red, yellow & green color? Share it with me eh...coz we din have those Pre wedding talk...coz Im not christian...:D

Kay said...

Tan,rasanya warna2 yg nc tulis tu mewakili mood perempuan yg sentiasa berubah mengikut situasi2 tertentu..cthnya bila ladies period, mood akan berubah..bila mengandung berubah lagi..mmm tht's my personal opinion. Nc, share wit us wht la.

nc said...

hi liang moi berdua,, thnks for the comment.. amoi michelle,, ya betul la apa sia cath cakp tu. woman's mood like the traffic light color.. and the husband should be aware of it..haha

Walker said...

I have never been married so I never had a wife at least not my own but my understanding is that the lack of communication was my win fall.
Without communication you are guessing not blending into one complete soul

Art Fan Ako said...

Funny cartoons. Read books about the differences between men and women. Some things are just hardwired in male/female brain. The more you know, the more you can choose your battles and not take things personal.

Kris and Nadia said...

adui2.. jelesnya sya baca ni post.. huhu.. ya ba kan.. kalu la sya ada tym sana tu, pya best.. huhu.. nanti oktober sya pg sendiri la ni kan..huhu... ya apa meaning tu warna? red ja sya tau..miahaha.. :) and love the cartoon.. lawak ni.. skg sya baca sm kris,dia pun ketawa..miahahha :)

Lala said...

colourful..wonderful...all full...

nc said...

Walker - yep, communication is the key to everything ..rite? im glad my other half always remind me of that

artfan - im glad u like the cartoons. i guess,,men will always be from mars..n women from venus.

kris n nadia - ya ba,, kalau kamu ada msti lagi best ni,, ada kawan.hehe..itu warna2 tu mood pempuan ba kunun..speaker bilang..sblm buat apa2 tindakan tgk dlu lampu isyarat (mood) si pempuan..hehe

lala - everything is beautiful kn,, :)

Shadow said...

mmmm, hubby and i will hit the big 2-0 this year... so we're fine. thank goodness, heee heee heee. but yeah, reality ain't quite the same as the ideals floating around out there. just remember, if there's love, and the desire to make it work, it will! thank you for your visit!

nc said...

o my gosh,, thank heaven ;) shadow,, for dropping by at my humble home. i believe in what u say. all the best ya,, n may God bless us all :)

dawn said...

Just have time to blog again NC. u br p pre-talk ka this? best kan? hehehehe... manyak info kan...Don't worry everything will sounds like troubles and problems to you. Once the wedding is over na ok already, yet we have another journey to go through.. Take care and plan for the best

Mama Mia said...

Pre wedding talk, pre wedding prep..been there, done that..i can relate to your situation. take care ya.btw, i am now following your blog. :)

nc said...

hi dawn n mama mia, :)

dawn - yep, just did the prep talk,, have to follow up some more :) u know wat,, i luv the website u recommend :)

mama mia - please share some advice n tips ya :) thanks,, il be following u too ;)

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