28 May 2009

A Patch of Love

..in the mood for a patch of love.

ever seen a LOVe patch on a cat before..? i have. everyday. beautiful.
but now it's almost gone. our beautiful active pet cat is suddenly stricken with some kind of wound that's making him(i dont to call him an 'it' - i think all animals deserve to be identified as human) losing his love patch. (..sigh) ..and he's still acting as though the pain is nothing.

..but the vet said he's going to be okay. i really hope so.
i dont mind God taking off a few years of my life for this beautiful creature.

hmm..crazy..? may be.

..wat ever.

Each person is unique and if I could
be a friend to him or her, then there is
a degree of love between us. But my
love is not always kind, no sweet talks,
neither exclusive nor cheap.

Love is respecting a person's dignity,
regardless of standards that people place
on them. And love must be accompanied
by virtue to be beautiful.

God loves everyone, not only on
certain days and times but always. And
if our love can be half as good as His
love, then we are well on our way to
Heaven; where love is perfect.

- By: Susanna C. Chung


AngeL BeaR said...

i miss my Invert. =(

Kris and Nadia said...

Sweet thought and poem :) ya btul tu.. love is perfect but human yg not perfect :) hihi..

nc said...

hi ladies..thanks for dropping by

angel: smile..he's watching over u
nadia: ya,, it is human that is not perfect kn,, :(

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I believe in that saying that a cat has nine lives. And, if your vet said he's going to be okay, then I'm sure he will be!

He's so adorable, and has beautiful patches:)

I think that what Chung wrote is very true. And, that kind of love is hard to find.

nc said...

thank you for the kind words nancy :) i really appreciate that. yep, i believe a cat has nine lives too. and, he's getting better everyday,, even though the love patch is not very clear anymore. he's still a treasure to behold. :)

Walker said...

Cats are resilient. My Frick is 19 now and he has managed to knock out one of of his teeth.
Got hung up in a cactus, for a bit anyway and I found him running down the hallway with the plant still attached to his belly but he's fine now even after her passed 10 feet of Christmas tinsel.

nc said...

thanks for the comment and sharing Walker. God bless ur cat..u make my day.. cheerrsss :)

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