25 May 2009

The Ceremony

23rd May 2009 -finally. I witnessed the beautiful ceremony of about 300 people receiving the holy sacrament of confirmation – that include my significant other. (^_^)

It’s a big step for him and for both of us, of course. I’ve been accompanying him to attend the Sunday classes every school holiday since last year – and never regret any moment of it. I couldn’t be happier.

Some of my non Christian friends were asking me what the ceremony was all about. (^_^) All I can say is that it is a religious ceremony that every Catholic has to go through and be bestowed with the seven gift of the Holy Spirit. Hehe..if you are a Catholic, I’m sure u know what the seven are.

The ceremony began early just so to make sure everybody was there to register and gather. And guess who met me that oh-so-wonderful morning? Mr. Greg Chai of Kupi –o – kaw – kaw, who happened to be there also for the same reason – to witness his son confirmation ceremony of course. I tag u sir – hope u don’t mind.

Long lost friends, neighbours, students, that I bumped into made that day more memorable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I guess I was lucky that I get a great photographer cum brader in law?? haha to click away all the important moments. All the pictures below are a courtesy from the lens man him self. Low profile punya org – nda mau kena reveal nama wo..huhu.

“I did it all for you’” ..was my other half’s answer when I ask him what he felt after the ceremony was over. Smilingly he offer me that phrase. Hmm..i’m not sure whether that’s the words I want to hear..but,

“Thank you, my luv” – nc.

"I’m a soldier in Christ’s army

Confrimation made it so

As a soldier in Christ’s army

I’ll profess my faith wherever I go.

No! the devil shall not harm me,

I’m the captain of my soul.

I’m a soldier in Christ’s army

Marching to my heavenly goal."


Kris and Nadia said...

yiii.. congrats to ur hubby :) at last.. ble la kahwin kan :) hihi..

gracie said...

wah congrat2 utk si dia hehe

Zoi said...

setuju sama nadia..nda da halangan sdh mo kahwin kan..hihi..

nc said...

wow..terima kaseh kawan2.. hehe..ya,, caiyo2 ni :)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

You and your "significant" other look very cute together:)

That must have been such an emotional ceremony to witness 300 people!

nc said...

thanks nancy (every photo tells a story) :) hehe

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