05 December 2008

Sunset 26th November

..feels like posting some sunset pictures today ^_^
the pics were taken last week, at Tg Aru beach - my favourite sunset -watching hangout
i think this is my third entry with SUNSET stuffs haha
but..cant get enough of it..
I wish i could built a house facing the sea, so i can watch the sunset everyday. hmm..
- my significant other still cant understand my fascination with the sea and sunsets (sigh).
maybe its becoz ive been living .. listening to waves crash and smelling the salty sea breeze for almost 20 years.
anyway,, enjoy the pictures.

did a bit of editing here

the end of another day.

i luv this one the most. there were actually two amorous couples swimming at the beach that time. 6
can u spot a tiny dot between the sun and the sand?
no offence, who ever the couples are - but ur in my lens.
nasib baik my cam tak cukup power utk zoom dorang hahaha


gracie said...

NC!..napa ko cubuk aku mandi manda d sana..ahahhaa JK!
nice pix :)

nc said...

hahaha..ko ka pla tu gracie,,astaga naga..kalu sia tau,,sia kasi zooooommmm btul2 o tu kamera sia..hehe

Michelle said...

Such a nice & romantic scene...I wish I'm t one of the couple in ur pic...:D So....romantic...

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

lovely pictures.. :) love em all! ;)

nc said...

thanks amoi michelle,, n beck. gmabr besa2 ja tu,, a hobby though :)

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