10 December 2008

One Drop Of Christmas

My precious readers,

Hehe..I’m onto a little Christmas biz this season ^_^ What better ways to pamper your loved ones OR yourself..than giving them a piece of heavenly scent.

Yep, im ‘marketing’ a collection of perfumes here by One Drop Perfumes (Egyptian Potion) which u CANNOT get that easily at ur next perfume shop (limited supplier). Though a Malaysian –made product (ya la, ingat btul2 heaven sent ka? Haha..metafora baitu..) , I have to admit that its damn good than any other inspired perfume oil. Long lasting, original scent, n no alcohol or water added. ^_^

Cant afford the $$$ perfume thingy..? this might (MIGHT..ok) be ur answer

Selling price? 12 MYR per bottle (individually wrap + choco gift)

Mahal ka?

Hahaha..bah, pg la kamu beli sndiri di kadai lain ^_^ or..you can buy this at a cheaper price of course, in the Peninsular Msia.

Neway,, this is a mini venture for me in the ‘dare to fail’ department.. and..ACTUALLY USING one of the EFFECTIVE (claimed by many) promotional tool that I have only preached to others before hahaha – well..Looking good..so far *pat on the back* ^_*

Comments and criticism are highly welcomed. Customer is always right.

all wraps are individually made o.. ^_^

some of my previous wrappings - boleh pakai ka? ^_^

hehe..o ya, did i tell u the perfume bottles are very small 2.75ml :)


†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

hmm lov the fragarances.. :) :P dont mind bout my spelling.. lol sleepy ni.. mkn ubat kan.. lol how u doing..? those packaging for perfumes pun cantik2.. ;) nice one.. hun! ;) rock on!

nc said...

thanks beck,,glad u like it - hv no idea wat im doing actually..but at least,, there's something from it hahaha
doin well here..hope u 2 there ya (lepas makan ubat of cos) ;)

Zoi said...

wah..mcm exclusive and expensive ooo ni barang..hehehe..kalau d upis masuk buku dulu..):

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