01 December 2008


..yep. I luv the romantic- modern – cool vampire TWILIGHT movie.
But my best friend fell asleep most of the time during the movie haha..lack of action/ fight scene has to be the culprit, I guess.
A few blogger friends made reviews about the film, which fired my desire to grab the next ticket at the nearest cinema. Hehe..just mention angels, devils, vampires, lycans or any mystical creatures to me, il be the first in line.

mm..whats so great about Twilight? I guess it has to be the romantic side of the cold blooded creature and an astonishing fact they are vampires on a diet. ??? haha,, its quite funny to listen to Edward (the beautiful vampire hero) saying they are surviving on animal blood and compare it as human living on tofu.
Betul juga la kn? People CAN survive with TOFU (and tofu alone), but will u be satisfied??
Itu baru satu..what about falling in love with ur own ‘food’?? yikess. But that’s the romantic part. And that’s when the chaos began as well. Aint love blind anyway?.
(*_*) o my.. i could fall in love with a handsome romantic vampire anytime now..

The leading lady is a combination of a calm, confident and cool mysterious beauty. No wonder the vampire just fell for her..,Get this..
” I have no strength to stItalicay away from you anymore” said the pale, gentle Edward Cullen.
“So don’t” Isabella, the lady character replied.
Hahaha..n ur wondering how I can remember all these lines?
Mr Luva Luva(sing) - I’m a romantic freak.
Some people may label the movie as ordinary and boring (im referring to my best friend)...becos there’s not much adrenalin flow scenes (I have to admit that). But its interesting to see the characters unfold themselves in ordinary settings and happenings – no extraordinary places (that u know could not exist in this world) or too much spells and blood sucking scenes that makes you want to go “urgh..here we go again..”
Bah. Pg la kamu sndiri tingu tu movie kalu beminat cerita2 vampire2 ni..gosh I didn’t know the movie existed – not until I saw the review from Nadia and Savesandakan (cewah)..hehe..jan marah a,,sia pn mau share review ba juga kunun ni.

My other favourite Vampire/Angels movies..(that I can remember la..)
  • Constantine (is Keanu Reeeves still available?? Hahaha)
  • Gabriel (Gorgeous archangelSSSS!! U should see how the story twist)
  • Interview with a vampire (yes. It was Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt)
  • Van Helsing (wanna see how Transylvannia looks like?)·
  • Underworld I & II(bloody..bloody..bloody..interesting)·
  • An American Werewolf in Paris (the werewolves are bloody scary but the story’s superb)

Hey, im normal, okai.

I luvvvvvv MAMA MIA.?? (^_^) Watch it triple time already. Im no dancing queen, but ABBA’s sooooooooooo fine!

Ok, u go watch TWILIGHT now. Tekeluar tajuk sda ni.

P.S: enjoy the movie posters below ;)

Van Helsing's cool but GABRIEL is my saviour angel hahaha..mmuahh!!

Remember this one? American teenager who got caught up in a romance in Paris - one of a kind

I luv the wings

Yep - thats BradPitt, as one of the vampire in Interview with a Vampire.

Kate Beckinsale rocks


gracie said...

hehe..kalu vampire yg ensem..suma pun sanggup kena gigit kan..kikikikikii

nc said...


Kris and Nadia said...

Uiyo.. i thot u didnt like romantic stories :-P ko ingat lg tu line dia.. sya nda oo.. huhu.. bravo2.. ketara la concentrate brabis ko ni hihi *wink

sya rasa c bella tu yg ngam jadi vampire ni, coz she looks like one.. maiahaha... ( unik * )

ko sda tgk BLADE? ( sya pun blum .miahahaaa.. tu pun vampire yg FANTASTIC )

MAMA MIA sya blum tgk..huhuhu... sedih....

BTW, thanx for mentioning my name over there.. miahaha...

nc said...

ya, ngam kn si Bella jadi vampire..makin cantik ni,,hahaha

BLADE havent watch it yet.
ba, tingu la MAMMA MIA..msti ko trus ikut nyi2 tu,, hehe.. "Mama mia..here i go again.." :)

n a romantic film for those people planning to get married by the way :)

Nayden79 said...

Hehehe adaka snggup kana gigit vampire. Kamurg ni.. Sy pun lama suda planning p tingu, smpi skrang lum pi tingu lg..

Sy cari2 ko pnya shoutbox, sy nda jumpa soooo kasi komen seja la..

nc said...

hehe...tima kaseh for the komen,, ada ba sana atas tu shout box sia,mengkali inda tekeluar tadi,, hehe,, :)

CaRoL Kc said...

another twilight (movie) lover!! *claps*

ko try baca buku dia, ko jatuh sinta trus tau sama drg.. heheh..

oh ya, got your link from nadia's.. hehe.. (^.^)v~

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

Hmmm.. ;) sugar we hav a same interest.. ;) dont call urself a freak because of that.. ;) u should watch the Queen of Damned aswell.. ;)

rock on! ;)

if any bout the underworld thingy (lycan, vamp, maximus, supernatural thingy etc. ;) share wif me..! LOL)

Kris and Nadia said...

haha.. c carol mo kumpul peminat twilight.. miahahaha.. :) bravo2.. aiks, wonder amcm kalu kena gigit vampire ah.. hahaha... (thinking dirty) huhu.. ( dun get me wrong.. k ) hihihi..

Ya romantic film makes me want to get married as soon as possible.. huahua..

nc said...

wow,, thanks for the comment y'all :)

Carol KC: thanks for suggesting the book,, tpi sia ni pemalas sikit ba zaman skg ni pasal buku2,, hehe..so,, sia mo simpan koleksi vcd sja la haha ;)

beck:ya ba kn, manada freak kalu gini,, haha,,cuma sa takut urg fikir sa lain2 ni, sb muka mcm 'gud girl'(kunun la) tpi minat yg inda ngam2 ni hahaha..but i luv vampire stories (esp yg rumentik one)

Nadia: bila ko mo kawin ni,, hehe :)

Pammie said...

mesti mo p tingu ni! hehehe

The Dusun Aroma said...

uihhh suka vampire pula ko nie.. patutlah ada ja love bite slalu :P

j/k bah. kalau vampire-vampire nie, I think O love Vanhelsing and Underworld the most! But dulu dulu paymos juga tu Chinese vampire keke itu pon best juga layan.

Bah, ngam lai tu!

gracie said...

rindu pula mau tgk cina punya vampire 2.. yg melompat2 2 kan.. yg mesti tahan nafas 2 baru la vampire dia nda tau ahahahaha..

nc said...

Pam n Val - ba, p kamurang tingu capt2 tu Twilight, hehe

Gracie - iya kn, ada pla vampire cina yg main lumpat2 dlu2 tu kn, hahaha..tpi siok ;)

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