Here are pictures of the homeless cats sheltered by the SPCA KK (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)..which i have never uploaded anywhere..since the visit to the shelter last month.
The pictures was meant to be for some creative project that i have planned (i guess) ..
for the betterment of these adorable ones.
But..kuch kuch hotta hai.
Here they are.
Though not a registered SPCA member yet..( i hope i will be), i truly support everything that the organization has been doing for these poor animals.
Everybody can do personally help those who cannot speak for themselves.
I call this album:

All pictures are under the trademark of iHaveADream Creations.
The other side of me. In another creative art blog.
But ..since the blog is currently under all sorts of things..
It is posted here.

If you want to give these cats a sure to contact SPCA KK. THIS.
The cats are waiting.

Album II will be uploaded soon.


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Nice one Nc, cantik!

Aemy Shamy said...

Poor cats..if I could, I'd adopt all of them and built a special big house for in Hotel For Dogs movie.

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...


Angel said...

Nice shots and edit! :)

Belle Edwin said...

Gawd..i love all the shot..
and of cos that cute little creature...

Armstrong said...

Wow all the shots are grrrreat... but still I love the first one the most. Because you can see the cat's eye there... so cool ;D Like it's looking directly at the camera...

nc said...

Thnk u :) pencinta kucing kan.. hehe

Aemy Shamy:
i luv the movie too..ya, it would be nice if there is truly one like that kn

thnk u thnk u :)

hehe..edit..tatap.. :)sb kamera bukan yg power punya gia..

bah, mari kita bawa pulang itu miaw smua ;)

thnk u .. i luv the first one too :) the cat was a bit lazy to get, it was a perfect shot. :)

beaty said...

Cute la ni kucing n memang pity sama dorang ni.tapi sa tidak x ble suka kucing sebab ada bad experience sama dorang ni..tapi sa still sayang kucing ni

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