A quick post on the Take Me..aww Home Album II.
As been promised.
I could not get enough of the lovely cute-licious cats..
thus..the pictures.
This time..in neutral shades.

Gosh..it's raining now.
And just last nite..i dreamt of the cats shelter again.
I hope they are doing fine.

Check out the SPCA KK facebook page..HERE


AnnieMing said...

I miss the cats at the shelter already.. Lets plan another visit to the cat shelter again? ^_^ Hehe..

Alv0808 said...

How I wish can take one of them. Lived in apartment...sigh!!. By the way, love your pics

CathJ said...

sini pun hujan... aduh....

Aemy Shamy said...

Cute! Dear Nancy, may I know where's the location of SPCA KK..?

beaty said...

cute ni tingau

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