Time for another blogging tips from NC..sincerely.
But this time..not just from the various resources that you can find in the WWW world.
But RAW and RIGHT from the heart and mind of NC who will be analysing and sharing
the results and findings after you answer the polls/questionnaire below.
P R O M I S E.

The more of you bloggers participate, the better and the more accurate the analysis will be.
WHOA..hehe..but of course.
Don't worry.
This is what i do.
Analyze. Critize. ..and Maximize.

And what better ways to have a survey poll than with Nuffnang. Right?
(come on..i'm not going to be hellRich anyway hahaha)
I'll be running this poll questionnaire for two weeks to accumulate your answers.
It touches on blogging elements that you surely want to know.. 
on how your readers truly responds to.
FiVe simple questions..
and three bonus analysis of Nuffnang.

Let's start.

nc says: don't forget to leave ur comments after answering the questions ya..It's a bonus analysis on knowing who YOU are. (^_^)


Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Done. Suda saya answered the questions...*wink wink*

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Done! :)

Nancy Poh said...

Poor me, can't help to answer questions from nuffs..coz i got JavaScript problems..huh..

Deanona said...

done! =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

done! :D

Just said...

Done too.. :D

nc said...

Nancy Poh
Amanda C.W

Thank u for being the first SiX to answer the questions :) easy kn?

Nancy Poh: hehe..dont worry,, u can try again nanti a :)

chegu carol said...

done with the poll :)

nc said...

Chegu Carol:

terima kasih chegu :)
nda sabar sa buat analisis ni kunun..tpi tu pun kalu cukup ramai sampel2 kajian la hahaha..

Santafire said...

saya pun sudah

AnnieMing said...

Done! ^_^

nc said...

thnk u thnk u Santafire and Annieming :)

GladysDavid said...


Angel said...

Done! :)

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