12 November 2010

The Balance of LiFe

I've lost another cat. Yesterday. Mysteriously. Again. Gone with the wild.
Taken by the wild? Nobody knows.
S a d.
That's the family fourth cat that's has mysteriously disappeared from our home.
. . . .
My laptop - hangus. Motherboard hancur - they said.
I dare not switch it on again.
For five faithful years it's been with me. 
Never having any problem, except for a few inescapeable formatting job.
(please don't ask how the heaven i managed to make THiS entry now)

The thought of Karma and the balance of life hit me, in the midst of this.
My white cat. Gone, disappear just like that. 
Is it just sooo a coincidence that my father shot a white crane (bangau bah) near by our home yesterday, and that the body still hang on top of a tree this morning.
(otiru no monimbak ii tapa..nga..everyone at home was unhappy)
Bad karma?
Doesn't matter now.
I could not even show a picture of our precious putih since motherboard is down and hancur.
I had a chat with a relative a few days before..of getting a new and smaller laptop.
Since the weight of the current one is killing my back.
And now..
I don't know.

nc says: putih was the name of our cat. Coincidently, three newborn kittens join the clan a few weeks ago.
And one of them was as white as snow. Putih.


AngeL BeaR said...

my si Oren was gone a day after socky died. I understand how it feels when our cats mysteriously disappear from home. =(

eugene said...

hey i am sorry about the lost cat,,,

about the PC,can change already 5 years, long enough lah,, now PC quite cheap already..

Hey again, wishing you a great weekend and god bless ya

nc said...

ya..its so disheartening. People ask me.."so how many cats do you stil have now?"..i'm like..TEN. they go.."banyak nya lagi.."
But..it's never the same anymore.

Thnks ..cats are like part of my life. My family even.
About the computer thingy..hmm..its ok la kn. yep, time to hunt for a new one. let see if i can afford one ;)

AnnieMing said...

Kesiannya.. :( Macamana dia bulih hilang tu ah. Dia pigi cari mate kali?

StellaClaire-Richard said...

ya sya agree with annieming, dia p cari mate kali..hehehe

CathJ said...

I hope tiada apa2 la with c putih... kalau org ambil jaga di rumah... bah syukur ja lah kan... jgn kana langgxx kereta kah (Touch wood)...

harap2 dia pulang lah... may be jumpa boyfren atau galfren... trus melekat nda mau pulang ka... pikir mcm tu ja lah dulu kio...

wah.. berani juga bapa kau p menimbak ah... ^_^ (Jgn ckp bapa kau... bapa saya pun suka menimbak dulu... atukoii.. syukur sudah berenti ~.@)

nc said...

i don't know..but..she is back today!! o yeahh..we're all very surprised and happy :) the important thing is the cat is back home safely.

kali la tu stella..pndai hilang2..tpi nasib yg kali ni kucing kami ni balik. slu.. trus hilang

ya o ,,hehe..nasib tiada apa2..ntah laini kucing ni..mgkin gitu la kali stail dorang. bikin risau ni. but.. balik sda dia. tiba2..sgt2 happy.

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

memang tu kalau kucing Nc..kadang2 berbulan tu dia hilang. tiba2 muncul balik. yg bagusnya pandai dia cari jalan balik tu.

errmm..macam baru ja laptop ko tu kan, kalau nda silap ko beli awal setahun dr sia..mmg mo kena ganti la tu, yg lebih mahal..kekeke..yg sy punya lama tu tempat Yus. masih bagus sbb jarang pakai..

Deanona said...

c putih balik sudah??? yay!

it's time for a new laptop, urg bilang~ mihihi ;)

happy sunday!

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