06 November 2010

A Foxie Boutique

It's the grand opening of a good friend's boutique today.
Located at the ground floor of the Star City Complex, one can never missed it, as the boutique is painted in red with an eye catching fox in the boutique's sign board.

I have to salute and congratulate these foxy ladies for materializing their dream of having their own business.
I hope i can follow their foot steps in the future.
*finger finger crossing*
The boutique sells ladies attires and accesories. Cute and cheeky.
Just like the taukehs. heheh..
Price wise..competitive.
Highly recommended.
Me with the foxy ladies of the boutique.
I was not able to take much pictures that moment. 
I ran out of battery charges.
But pictures will never be enough for me to describe what Foxie Boutique has in store.
You need to be there.
Now i know where to get my dresses for wedding wedding and dinner dinner invitations this December.

nc says: sambil2 tolong kawan2 promosi bah.. :)


Angel said...

Jgn pukul kepala sa ah Nc kalo sa cakap ni, tapi.. d mana tu Star City Complex? huhu. Kasian bah sa ni Nc. Tinggal d kk pun x arif pasal kk ni. Kalo ko mo tau, c Kath lagi tau tu jalan2 d penampang dari sa. lol. Tepa. Lepas sa balik ni, sa akan kac habis minyak kereta dengan berjalan2 d setiap pelusuk kk. lol.

Btw, congratulations to Foxie Boutique. Kalo sa tau suda d mana Star City, akan ku datang ke kedai itu :)

dreamChaser said...

Angel: hehe..ka...tuk kapala..hahaha..nda ba. siou2..inda full info ba pla kn.. kana marah la sa taukeh kadai ni. Star City Complex is in Asia City. bnyk boutique2 kecil sana tu :) and ada handicraft stall yg bnyk :)

CathJ said...

Congrats to your fren.... ^_^

Deanona said...

kalau dtg sana and sebut your name, ada diskaun ka tu ah? ekeke :)

nc said...

CathJ: thnk u :) nanti p jalan2 sana kalu ngam2 sini a

Deanona:haha..harap2 la kn.. :)

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