08 November 2010

i LuV Awards

O yeahh..another part of the blogging world that i luv.
By you.. from you.. to you

Blog Paling Sweet 2010?
hehe..thnks Stella for this.
You have a sweet blog too.

Another lovely award from my blogger friends..Sheena and Michelle..
thank u for it ya..i urm..a..almost forgot about it..hehe..
And..the seven things about me? A rule for the award.
1. I love blogging.
2. I love Love.
3. I love Cats.
4. I love you.
5. I love HIM.
6. I love him.
7. I love them.

Now you know what i love.

And these two award is for YOU too :)

nc says: dapat award. Siok nya hehe


StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..bnyk award oh kan..

Del Glamiva said...

Congrats Nancy! Hey saya ada add kamu di fb, approve ya. =D

dreamChaser said...

Stella: thnks for the awards a.. :) u keep on blogging..

Del: yep, have just approved it. thnks..n thnks again :)

AnnieMing said...

Yay, congrats.. You've got two! ^_^

farra8979 said...

wah, suker kan biler dpt award byk2.. ^_^

nc said...

yayyy..hehe..thnku.. its for u oso tau :)

farra8979: yep..suka sgt hehe

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