..just want to share with you what i have learned from the B2.0 event.

 "It's easier to create a new blog than to maintain one"
A true point to ponder for all bloggers shared by one of the speakers of the B2.0 event.

hmm..true indeed.

"Blogging will never die as long as we do this three things:
1. Inspire
2. Inform
3. Interact
..in the blogosphere."
..quoting Mr Addy Kho , a blogger who specializes in e-commerce, eBay, and affiliate marketing..
One of the speakers for the B2.0.

I hope i have inspired you.

..i had fun.
But no more club or pub scene, please..hehe.
catch more pictures at.. iHaveADream Creations.

nc says: the Boutique Cupcake was adorable. I almost want to just KEEP iT as a souvenir.


Just said...

Thanks for the 3 'i' info.. ;p

Angel said...

Inspirational. I really hope I was there. Btw, nice photo! :)

nc said...

Just: no problem :)

Angel: yep, truly inspirational. haha..thnk u thnk u.. si deanona bloggie doggie yg tlg ambil tu gmbr :)

CathJ said...

No club scene ah...hihihihi....

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..it's true..
1. Inspire
2. Inform
3. Interact

That's the soul of blogging..:)

nc said...

Cath: betul ba.. sa nda berapa ni kalau gitu2 hehe

Stella: ur right :) there are a lot more to share.. nanti a.. pelan2 ni hehe

LadyKath said...

That's why I always said that I need inspiration. In every things pun, if you have inspiration, it will lead to motivation to move forward to do something. Kan? ;)

Mesti siok kan dpt jumpa bloggers yg lain2.. Hope to be part of it next time.. :)

nc said...

LadyKath: thats right.. :) u should come a.. next time.. hari tu.. Cyril Dason of Sarawak Bloggers sja yg ada hehe.. wakil kamu la kn :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Alalah. Sa teda dapat itu cupcake.. Hehehe!

dreamChaser said...

Annieming: tiada kah? ala..sayang o..sdap nya tu. n kiut. kana suruh ambil gmbr lagi ba :)

BelleReoz of Ranau said...

betul!! the best example is me la...quite hard ba for me to find a time to maintain my blog ni...hehe...lgpun...i dont have inspiring cerita to post kan....(p/s: alasan)hehe

nc said...

Belle; nevermind ba..where there is a will there is always a way :)

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