The BiG event that all borneo bloggers have been waiting for..took place at the 1Borneo Hypermall Grand Ballroom, yesterday the 29th October 2010.
I missed my college inter college sports event.. to be part of the fantastic families of the borneo bloggers.
Which was worth it. hehe..

Entering the hall with no clue of how everything was going to be..was the first step.
The minute i stepped in..i was greeted with a smile by the Borneo Colours team and presented me with the tag above. O yeah..hehe.. FiNALiST was an awesome way to be introduced to everyone.
And..thnkfully..i was seated next to pretty mummy Wyne who saw me at the entrance looking clueless.
Deanona of Bloggie Doggie, Yoshi Yoshi (hehe) a BC buddy, and Arti Rahmma and Dwi Wahyudi of Blogger Borneo from Kalimantan was on the opposite row.

But of course..the man behind the inspirational Borneo Colours - Mr Daniel Doughty, who made us feel at ease and soooo casual at such a grand event. 
Tapi..gambar nya agak jauh ya (bunyi ala2 Indonesia accent a..)..hehe
All speakers were amazing. 
From the topic of blog monetization, personal branding and media social engagement..lessons were learnt.
 And i am so eager to go on to the next step of the blogging world..making it quite a serious business? 
WHY NOT. I'm glad i know what to do next. O yess.
See the great lines of speakers below..
..i know i could hardly see them. hahaha..sorry..i was really not armed by any super power camera that time. But i assure you, they were great gurus who's willing to share so many tips, advice in their blogging experiences. You can always surf the BorneoColours page to get to know them better.hehe
Meanwhile..the pictures below..are the Top Blogger of Borneo finalists that i managed to be with. 
Standing: Arti Rahmma, 
Sitting (L-R): Bloggie Doggie, iHaveADream Creations, Sorbet13s
I was seated with these great lady.. and a great man who took this picture ahaha..
L-R: Wyne and MelissaLim

O yes,,introducing..(below) the boys who were 'mixing with the right people'..hehe..quoting Mr Cyril Dason of Sarawak Bloggers..snapping their pictures while 'lunching'. Mr Eddie Law of said it was OK as long it was my own camera and the people know your going to published it. hehehe..
People..blogging is fun. But always be aware of the legal side of it ya..if not..jaga jaga..
Now i KNoW.
Okay, L- R are Mr Addy Kho of, Mr Cyril Dason of Sarawak Bloggers, Mr Eddie Law, a lawyer who has his own blog, and Mr Dwi Wahyudi of Kalimantan.
The finalists in the second picture.
And..bloggers in the third picture.

nc says: its going to be the award and party nite tonite at Sam Tsui, a new club in KK Time Square.
Not really hoping for anything special ..but..there better be some goodies for all..EHEM..cewah :)


Kris and Nadia said...

Yeah :D I hope to hear some good news from you :D i really hope you win :D yeay ;D good luck Nancy

Cyril Dason said...

I see my name.. woootttt!!

Deanona said...

saya telah curi pic2 dari post ini! haha >.<!

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