25 October 2010

The 3D Experience

O yess. I finally had the opportunity to watch a 3D movie.
It all happened last week when i brought my group of students to experience a 3D entertainment at 2.oo in the afternoon..and..ermm..as part of their subject research actually - to make it formal. Mana lagi mau cari lecturer yg sudi bawa student2 ny pgi tingu movie sama2..ha.. hehe..pastu makan sama2 n ambi2 gmbr lagi ( ^_^) - during class time of course. 
The surrounding environment is full of things that are awaiting to be discovered.
Instead of just talking..DO iT.

Well,, here we go. There were not any major box office 3D movies showing  this particular period. So we're left with this environment friendly movie - Sammy's Adventure. The students were a bit reluctant when knowing they're going to watch an animated movie. But then, there must a good reason why this movie was in 3D. So..we begin our little afternoon adventure, going for Sammy's Adventure.
WeeeeeeeeeEEEE.... :)

It all turn out not GooD..but GREAT!!
Being in the premiere 3D movie hall in Suria Shopping Mall was already a major advantage, as not many people have really set foot in this place. Semua tatap dan berpencen di center point n 1 Borneo bah.

Everybody was looking great in their 3D glasses. ..Sa pun nda mau ketinggalan bah..
Hehe..proudly showing off the 3D glasses and ticket.
My first impression..there was nothing special about the 3D glasses,, except that it was a bit thick.
Movie time: wOWwwwwwww... 
I forgot how many time i've WOWWWWW at the movie screen with the glasses on.
It was simply fantastic. To the eyes, to the surrounding..and like everyone said..it's as if it's right in front of your face. No doubt now.
What happen when you take off the glasses and try to watch it like a normal movie..?
You can't.
There will be 3 blurry image of each object in the movie. Perhaps that's the 3 dimension..right?
So..glasses on.
Relax..and enjoy the beautiful beautiful underwater panorama in Sammy's Adventure. 
Now i understand why it's in 3D.
You would feel like swimming with Sammy.
Who's Sammy? You've got to watched it to appreciate it.
Spot the lecturer.

Well..being an educator has a lot of advantages.
No matter how old you feel.. you'll always be young at heart, because you're surrounded by the young ones. No matter how old a student they are.. you'll always be the wiser one, because you have the wisdom.

nc says:
Okay..the trailer and sypnosis..
"Sammy, a sea turtle, hatches on a deserted beach and tries to climb out of the hole where he hatched. Being caught by a seagull, he struggles for his life and manages to escape, as the seagull clashes in the air with a another seagull, also carrying its prey, who turns out to be a female hatchling sea turtle, Shelly."..and pretty much.. its where a love story and adventure of a lifetime begins.


Just said...

Waa.. enjoy kamurang aa! Ok la tu.. student2 nda jg boring! Sia pun blm pernah layan 3D pnya movie..

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Okay, thanks for the info..hehe!

Kesukaan lah my kids watching this.

chegu carol said...

the 3D glasses at our local cinema tu tidak berapa bagus... i find it uncomfortable sometimes. but then, to quote my hubby..kalau tida puas hati, beli 3D glass sendri lah yg harga ratus2 baru puas hati hehehe...

ive not been to the movie the past one month. this sure gonna be one in the list! thanks for the info!

nc said...

Just: ya ba,, enjoy ni. actually sa yg berabis mau experience wyg 3D ni,, so cari jalan supaya ngam dgn assignment dorang..hehe

Wyne: glad to share this..dont forget to share yours nanti a..

Carol: oo...ada yg boleh sndri punya ka.. wa..mahal la kn. yep, some of my students complaint that the glasses were not that comfy.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow! ni lecturer yg paling best punya! :D

nc said...

Amanda: ahaha..adoi. thnks for the ocmpliment. actually,, sb sama2 mau enjoy :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

waaa..nice..mcm siok..sya blm pernah tdk movie in 3D..

StellaClaire-Richard said...


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Sa baru tingu 3D satu kali, but I was uncomfy with the spec. Huhu..

SUE J BROOKS aka SJB. said...

Banyak movie 3D sekarang kan?. Wah, happy bah dorang.

Mary Sherlynz @ Lombidotz said...

heheh~ im so hoping for 4Dimension to be introduced here...my experience wit 4D is truly memorable...hehehheh

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