Yes!! I am soo inspired by the Green Connection and will be volunteering there soon!

The Green Connection, located at Mile 2 Jalan Tuaran (near Wisma Wanita) is actually an Aquarium and Science Discovery Centre that offers a lot of educational programme and expose the community to the importance of conservation of the marine life.
whoa..was that heavy? hehe..
It's a place where we can learn, touch, see and understand about the awesome marine life that we have Sabah. Entrance is rm15 per person.  I went there with my students, so urm..its ehEm..complimentary - as usual.
If only i have the guts to dive..i'll be feeding off fishes and sting rays..instead of cats and dogs..haha
The picture above is the main attraction of the site: a big aquarium that has a variety of marine life - including 3 beautiful sharks and a very big turtle. biG. (i'm just amazed bah)
hmm..perhaps i could volunteer in the future on presenting the infos to the visitors. *gulp* kunun..
Need to get close, up and personal first with a lot of text book before doing this.hehe
One of the three beautiful sharks. It's very hard for me to get a picture of them with my super slow camera.
But their movement and grandeur never fail my eyes.
Some of the display at the Green Connection where visitors can touch and see first hand the wonderful sea creatures. Not me though..especially on the horseshoe crab@ belangkas. Would you?
Ah...these fellas were also amazing. These are found in our Kinabatangan river. Tapi sa pun tak pasti ikan apa..very big..and with a small hump on its head. Berabis mau ambil gmbr dorang. You can see my reflection in the tank.hahah..
Do you know that the sharks we have today are the evolution and transformation from the one we had thousand of years ago? Aha! there iS one very unique shark in the Green Connection big tank that everybody has to see to believe. Almost like a hammerhead shark. But with a triangular feature. Anybody..?raise ur hand please if u have seen that kind of shark. I was not able to take a  picture of it as it was always moving around during the fish feeding show. pictures, no real shark?
Get one of those cute stuff marine life with you.
You will never find any of the stuff animals in their gift shop, any where.
And...some of the great happenings during the tour. Ain't that a beautiful sting ray?
I am inspired. And i want to be part of the great team of the Green Connection.
It's the animal instinct in me speaking, i guess.
You can help too by being a volunteer and spread the importance of marine life conservation.
click HERE

nc says: Fact of the day: Love eating garoupa? Do you know that babies garoupa are all born male and some will turn into female when they hit maturity. Most of the giant garoupa are males, the one that we love to catch n eat. So that makes the female garoupa having no males to make babies with. They could live up to 67 years old. babies garoupa = less garoupa = no garoupa.
Garoupa: ikan kerapu bah...


Mell_f said...

I noticed Cindy in the pic (the one yang bagi briefing tu).

Nice visit indeed,inspires people a lot.

nc said...

Mell: yep, thats cindy. :)i really like this place. mgkin sb telampau lama duduk dlm ofis something new :)

Just said...

Mcm2 ba sdh ada d kk.. atau sia ja yg ketinggalan ni.. hahah..e

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Ya sya tau tu Nc pasal garoupa..hehe..
Wah finally ko p juga sana Green Connection..:) Nice!

chegu carol said...

wow, we have giant aquarium like that in KK, with all the shark, stingrays and pretty fishes in it? Oh my, where have i been lately? wud love to visit the place too...

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said... we need to control eating ikan kerapu lah nie...hehe!

Thanks for sharing this...!

Rungitom said...

Garoupa = Kerapu, now I know *scratches head*

nc said...

Just: kira baru juga ba tempat ni, dlm tahun ni baru buka, tpi sambutan agak menggalak kn, especially weekends. so,, better go there during the week :)

Stella: hehe..betul ba juga maklumat sa tu kn.. tkut2 sda salah ingat. yep, akhir nya dpt pgi sana..and its freeeeeee (^_^) hehe

Chegu carol: it is an interesting place, n byk benda yg sa rasa sa mau ambil gmbr sja o.. hehe..tpi indada kamera ni..isk3.. and its very near.

Wyne: yep, mengkali..bulih juga la kn klu kerapu kici2 haha

Rungitom: gerapu ..heheh (^_^)

Kris and Nadia said...


Kris and Nadia said...

Aik, :D wah, sya pun hari2 limpas sana tp blum lg bkesempatan masuk ni..huhu...btw, kiut kan tu ikan2 :D sini rumah kris pun byk tul ikan2 yg pelbagai jenis, n kolam2 sana rumah dia..tu la mcm terburing sikit suda mau p tgk ikan..hehehe.. :D btw, thanks for the info :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hello NC, wow! I love this place. I have always love the sea and lakes....and yes, you should try get a part time job there. Looks very interesting. An educational too.
Good photos, NC.
Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

C A T said...

never thought the Green Connection would be that interesting :)

nc said...

nadia: mesti ko try pg sana nanti :) sb ikan2 dia yg jarang2 kena npk hehe, n sgt sesuai kalau buat education visit

Uncle Lee: dont forget to stop by this place then ya.. trying to get a place for volunteer there..wish me luck ya hehe

CAT: hi :) thnks for the comment. it is very interesting :) everybody should have a look ;)

CathJ said...

I haven't been here... ^_^... mau p lah ni nanti balik KK.. :D

nancy.. how can I contact you ah?? can I have your email address?? TQ dear... (email me at

thank you.. :D

zoi said...

wah..bestnya..mcm akuaria kl pla..mesti pigi kalau dah balik kk ni nanti.

SUE J BROOKS aka SJB. said...

Punya besar tu aquarium.

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