20 October 2010

The BloG MakeOver

Not so brand new, but a brand new attitude that is.
A blog make over or changing of template to my precious Yours Sincerely has never occured to me.
It all started with just wanting to create a new header for my blog.
But then it turned into THiS.

Going back to basic with plain white and less pictures and widgets.
LeSS iS MoRe.
Holding on always to that principle.

Too white n plain makes it boring?
Add a Blog's Mood to your blog to create a paint of color and mood of course.
I think my falling maple leaves did the job, hehe

Btw, hop on to my other blog..and you'll understand how and why i have fallen for a blog makeover craze.

nc says: some people ask me whether it's not tiring and tough to have 2 blogs?
Nope. because, its a pleasure :)
Let's go now.


Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Drop here nc...

nice make over here and thanks for introducing the blog's mood...

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wah kena makeover suda.. Nice! btw i am serching for chatbox but i cant find one. Di mana tu NC?..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yup, less is definitely more! ;)

nc said...

Wyne: thnk u :) yep, i fell in love with the blog mood too. found out from a blogger friend juga ni :)

Stella: hehe..thnks, bulih la kg2 kn haha..o ya, the chat box is actually at the top right yg sama2 dgn sa punya profile :) ko klik sja yg ada nama CHAT BOX KU itu. sa kasi taruh sana la supya susah sikit itu spammer jumpa, tpi kalau yg slu g sini, sinang ja cari hehe :)

Amanda: oooo.. i smell graduation robes from a far... (^_^) ..yep, thats the philosophy i hold for almost everything :)

chegu carol said...

i love blogs that have lesser time to upload...makes me feel senang mau drop by and comment. :)

Angel said...

Agree with Carol :)

Nice and simple Nancy :) Sa pun mo tukar sa punya blog layout sbb kecil ni tulisan d blog sa and x 'luas'. hehe :) Btw, I love the banner :)

nc said...

chegu carol: thnks for the compliment chegu hehe..

Angel: ya, itu la, sa pun mau tukar aura ba kunun ni, sb tu pilih putih kali ni cewah..

the blog picture might have some problem in loading up sometimes.but, thnks for visiting anywya ya..hehe

v said...

Nice to see a ' new ' blog here.:)

nc said...

V: thnks.. just a new skin..:)

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