21 May 2010

Vote for NC

It's my turn to do some campaining here..hehe
Most bloggers of borneo know about this award already.
Yayhayhayy..it's the Borneo Blogger Awards 2010
And my blog ..

is listed as one of many nominees under the Personal Category (Group 1).
Since it is a personal blog, why not? And actually i am proud to be listed with so many other great blogs.
  I am not sure whether my personal blog is being favoured by voters..hehe..but i am proud(again) to say that i have gain quite a number of acquaintances and blogger friends because of the award thingy :)

Just to mention a few

... Santafire (u rock babe..)
...Deanona ( i really luv ur facebook layout blog)
...Bbie Vera (ni antara sumandak paling awal jadi fren2 sa di Borneo Colours)
...Tom Rungitom ( for the visits and comment2 u made)
...Cornelia ( ur articles paling mantap bah)
...Annieming, Siti Rahma, Memeljoan..(ladies..ur the best)
...and a lot lot more..

Well...that's NOT about it all, yet.
I have another blog on the list (*grin)
Under a different category : ARTS and DESIGN.
(click HERE n i will take u there)

You're right.
It's my passionista blog.
i H a v e A D r e a m   C r e a t i o n s 
Some might judge me as being wayyyy greedy for listing TWO blogs.
Urmm..i never intended to run my Creations blog for the award in the first place.
It's a very new blog where i share my creations n arts - ONLY.
I placed the blog name in the Borneo Colours blog directory to introduced my new blog to lovers of art out there..
..just to find out that the very blog is also nominated for the award.
 kind of..tapi takut org ckap tamaha kn..
but..what the heaven..
so i quickly placed the BC badge on my blog la hahaha
(on the day i knew it was listed)

There.. can you see them?
hehe..tamaha ka..? emm..mana2 ja la..
Though my iHaveADream Creations does not receive as much visitors as my main blog..i am very happy and satisfied with my dreamy dream creations blog.
It's just another side of nc.
so umm..if you have a dream..
Vote for the dreamChaser ya (thats me) .. @iHaveADream Creations.

nc says: I'm giving my votes to my friends under the personal category..hehe
do vote for me under the Art n DesiGn category ya.
here..click THiS , register for freeee.. and vote vote vote..hehe..
Trust me, you dont want to miss the exicitement of Borneo Colours for anything.. (^_^)

To all those who have voted the dreamChaser..i luv uuuuu..huhuhu..
and to bloggers listed in the same category (arts n design) i luv u toooooo :)


Deanona said...

yihaaa~! we rock babe~!

SJB said...

Banyak juga orang minta tolong ni heheh. Bah good luck k.

nc said...

Deanona: yeahhhh :)

SJB: hehe..gini la ba ni, berkempen :) im voting for ur sister's blog in the travel category :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Yeay! I voted you for Art & Design ^_^

d1n0za said...

All the best! :-D

nc said...

Annieming: thnks soo much :)

Dinoza: yayyy..thnk u thnk u ;)

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