Thank you Annieming for these awards :)

And they come with a set of rules.. hehe

1. say THANKYOU to the person who gave this award
2. Pass this on to another 15 other bloggers
3. Share 7 things you don't know about me.. goes

I want to pass the awards to my blogger friends below..jeng3 :)

2. Mia
3. Cath
5.Michelle Tan
6. Pammie
7. Rahma
8. Memel
9. Nadia
10. Chardella
Align Left Align Center 11.Mell F.
12. Angel
13. Alv
14.Angel bear
15. Vienne

hehe..u ladies know who you are..
Though you've been given the award by others, i still want to give the awards to u

AND the 7 THiNGS..

1.I luv STaRBucks!! Caffe latte on a rainy day is like a sunshine to me

2. I adore my pets kittens soooo they're my babies haha Geregitannnnn o

Align Left3. My hubby was my luve at first sight..cewahhh, and luve ever after.

4. I luv living in countrysides@kampung now..i never grew up in a kampung environment before, and now i'm loving it.

5. Though i hate going on a bus ride, its the only time i can exercise; for the fact i have to walk from the bus terminal to my workplace - everyday.

6. I have a driving licence hahaha for like more than 3 years now..

7. I luve wearing khakis shorts. It makes me feel relax and sassy heheh

everywhere i go, i go with my khakis short yeahh

nc says: syok bah blogging2 ni kn.. dpt kawan2..dpt award2 lagi :)


AngeL BeaR said...

waahhhh tq! =D nanti sa bikin aaa.... =p

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Thanks for doing the tag! ^_^

SJB said...

Cute kan?.

Ervina said...

Thankxx mandak... oh yeah! nanti sia buat...

Zoi said...

Ui..nama sia 1st lg tu kan..hhehe. Thanks Nc. Nanti weekend sa buat ye. Tq, tq...

Kris and Nadia said...

Nah, sya lg blum bikin ni tag :) ko & annieming bg sya.. trimas2 :)

nc said...

dear all: yayyyy...bah,, n lupa buat a..hehe :)

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