A n n o u n c i n g!
We have new kittens in the house!!
O Mi Gosh.
Four new cute kittens.
What's next.

Motherly Guntut (the name of our mama cat) has just given birth yesterday to four kittens.
That makes our cat clan 9!
Could not get any picture of the new kittens yet..si guntut jaga bah, nanti kalau kena ambik gmbr, dia kasi pindah2 tu anak2 dia kn..(^_^)

But..for the meantime..
this is how our four previous Christmas kittens has grown up.
I luv them to bits!!

Cute eh.

nc says: i think the new kittens will be put up for adoptions..
but dad plans to keep them all haha


SJB said...

New member huh, congrats :D.

Stella O.K. said...

mmg ko minat tingau o kan..:)

rahma said...

ala shomel.... bah, nnt kasi upload the new photos klu tu mama sdh kasi benarkan ya heheheee

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