In the weeks that have passed.

A little something that has not changed the history of the world, but has certainly changed the hearts of many.

..there’s this saying,

“You may not be able to change the whole world..but u can do small things that help to change ur part of the world.”

(Well..something like that..i forgot the original line of that wisdom – atic phrase. Haha)

surrounded by flowers 'tropicana' style - one of the event organized

Looking at these pictures is the testimonial of the very core subject I have been preaching to all the young minds..EMPOWERMENT.
Through hard work and dedications, these beautiful young people are a step further in realizing the talents, strength and creativity that lies within themselves. How I wished I was given the opportunity to do so previously.

..fancy dining with young pirates? hehe
nc and Ms. Pammie with hungry pirates

Though still with minor hiccups and there..i’m very proud of them and made me realized of what a wonderful job that I have actually. sure some of u would laugh at this statement. ..i guess its true when they say that, sometimes.. u have to stop and smell the flowers. Well,, the flowers smell just nice this time around..:)

..with some of the beautiful people that work so hard to turn their paper assignment into reality

U might be wondering what im talking about here..hahaha,,its okay.

Nobody has to understand. But thanks for reading.really. thank u.

An entry of appreciation actually,, of the beautiful things that happen around us – sometimes ,without us realizing it, because we keep waiting for the BIG TIME to happen. U can wait and be grumpy. Or u can enjoy the small blessing that is there right in front of u now.

Small blessings? - Yep. Small blessings. Look around..

..being with the younger generation keeps me young at heart - i think haha

some of the simple decorations put up by them - this one was done by a boy.can u believe that?haha
..busy busy. the ordinary lecture room was turn into lovers delight by these people

Moral lesson of the day:

“if you want to do something..u’ll find a way on how to do it.

Do what u love and *cuk the rest.”

(Dwayne -Little Miss Sunshine)

I fell in love with this movie so much because of the life’s lesson that is written all over it. Have watched it for about five times by now (with different audience of course) , and still loving it. Have never watched a movie so so many times,, except for Mama Mia and Kuch2 Hota Hai..hahaha

May we’ll continue to walk little steps and appreciate life more..and better.


C.Alv.B said... is too wonderful to waste..

Kris and Nadia said...

wah bestnya.. gumbira nmpk :) have a nice day there ya NC :) ba nanti sinang2 kita chat lg kio :)

Mama Mia said...

live life to the fullest!

Zoi said...

wah..mcm menarik sangat la ni nc. tapi banyak budak2 Filips.

event apa ni? untuk subject apa a? ooo...yg HE ni kan..wah bagus la tu. tahniah ni event mcm ni.

nc said...

calvB, nadia, Mama mia: yep, life is beautiful,though there are hiccups evry now n then, no reason for us to stay unhappy,, kn :)

uzoy: hehe,, ya, assignment HE yg kita penah plan2 dlu kunun tu,, smua org suka, sb dpt makan,, hahaha

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