16 April 2009

The Pre Reunion

I'd luv to dedicate this entry to all my lovely ex classmates of the kindergarten and primary school years especially.

(to my blogger friends..yep, im in the picture. can u guess which one? hehe)

A picture so meaningful that it brought almost everyone back in contact with one another.
I have kept the picture so long in a nice big old fashioned album,, and who knows, suddenly it brings so much memories to people who thought there's nothing much to look back at.. or laugh.. and share... cewah..

the result?

SRK Stella MariS 85 - 91 PRE REUNION

Date : 30 May 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 11.30am - 3.30pm
Venue : Promenade Hotel
Theme : High Tea Buffet
Rate : RM53/person

( i think..i took this one - begagar tangan,, masih kici kn)

Wish to see almost all of us there ya,, its a PRE,, since not all could come at this time of the year.
and hope it will be a GRAND and OFFICIAL one at the end of the year.

To all classmates concern..
lets take this chance and laugh together at the antics of our bygones year.

I never liked the idea of a reunion of any kind..so far.
BUT, this is one reunion (okay..PRE..reunion) that im looking forward to..sb..last time we saw each other,, smua masi kici2 haha

Thank U,, Shirley n Asmawi for making this happen.

wat do you think..


Man-D said...

hmmm... i oso like the idea of reunion... too bad I cant make it to the pre-reunion ni... jadi, harap2 reunion BUTUL2 I can make it lah... *hmm, ada juga reunion butul2 ar... funny!

Demeion said...

Yeap..this will be a good time to flash back all the god forgotten memories...

Kris and Nadia said...

uinah.. sya pun ada gmbr2 mcm ni.. sama la kita ni.. dr kecik sampai besar stellarian..huahua.. bgs ko p tgk tu srk stella skrg.. cantik sda woo.. huhu..

Shirley said...

Uinah, jgn ko mention nama sia sini...malu eh.heheh

C.Alv.B said...

Memory last forever..

nc said...

Mandy- inda dpt join ba smua org,, yg mau ikut,,jadi kita kasi buat reunion yg butul2 kunun lagi nanti,, haha,,jdi jn lupa ko join

demeion- yep,,hope it will be a blast

kris & nadia - hidup stellarian!!! kn,,berharga tau smua ni gmbr2 ni kn,,

shirly - ok ba tu,, ko di beri penghargaan ni tau

calvB. - yep, even though everything is gone,,but the memories remain,, :)

thnks for the comment ya everyone

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