05 February 2009

When Shits Happen

And so a lesson learned today. Painstakingly embarassing, downgrading, UNdiplomatically unpleasing (if any of my expression make sense of coz).

Readers out there, be vewy vewy careful to whom u tag or give comments to in the cyber social network - esp Facebook. i love facebook - to the bits. tagging n giving comments is a norm in such network rite..? Right, but only for people who have enough sense of humour n honour to receive such credits. tag me all u want people,, comment me to the bits. i dont mind.


"Please erase my picture and your comments in your fb. Gambar org lain dan your komen pasal dorang saya tidak peduli hal dorang. tapi kau kena hormat privacy orang lain. so please take it off unless ada izin"

- thats SMS number one.
- received from a so- called colleague who happened to be in a few of the pictures that another friend posted in her fb account...
- i didnt reply the sms.

SMS number two.
"Saya tidak benarkan apa juga gambar dan komen tentang saya dlm fb kamu(saya ulangi fb kamu), tidak kira bagaimana dan dari sumber mana gambar itu anda perolehi. Thank you."

- i didnt reply the sms.

"you cannot simply put other people pictures and komen and publish them to public or your fren of fren. you keep it to yourself, other people picture do not publish"

- i think the sender was irritated since i didn't reply any of the sms-es.
- and this was sms number three.


have i just committed a big SIN here..? to a VIP? a Dato? to a General Manager? wakil rakyat??

. . . . . . .

i didnt post the pictures.
even if i did,, n u want to make a big thing out of it,,at least have some respect and tell me directly - face up n diplomatically. That would prevent the bruise.

SMS?? when this person could just walk right up to u?
and the embarassing part is telling the rest of the world of how frustrated (BENGANG BEHGONGG..BUNGUNG!!) U r about ur oh-so-lucky-picture-that-was-commented on?

grow up. ?? ?
oh,i forgot. A GROWN UP (grownnnnnnnn up) of coz.
sorry, i didnt know u were still soOO yesterday.

. . . . .

I wish i dont have to talk to this person anymore.
and i dont wish to commit more sin here..but..
i think that if U really want to save ur good reputation, Save all X-rated talk first for yourself, its not all symphony to all people - not me. i dont enjoy having the s*x talk at the coffeetable.. esp when the subject is ME??

Tolerable.but it stops here.

i dont mind if the person read this post, be upset and plans for court charges??

Pictures erased. Memory's full.
Now u see it.
Now its gone.

Life goes on.


The Dusun Aroma said...

just delete lah dear, relaxxx it's part of life's lessons ^.^

Bah, salammmmm..... n peace! :P

nc said...

yap. lesson learned.
Life goes on - differently now.

ErviNna said...

Emm siapa juga the LUCKY WINNER tu??? bida ka sangat dia tu sampai marah2 mcm tu? or gumuk sangat ka jua tu??? i wonder??? Anyway, kalo orang mcm tu jan ko ambi ati sangat tu nan', teada guna gak, ni zaman moden bukan zaman kuno! hehe sabar jak ko kio!

Johnny J. said...

Wow, what a story nance!! I dunno if there's were so-called-buddy can do that to you..

Setuju dengan pendapat ko tu Nan, susah sangatkah berdepan dan berbincang secara aman.. Susah kah mo cakap dengan baik, bagitau perkara sebenar..

Wow.. But still, cant judge others peoples also..

Thinking of , if i dont want peoples comments on me.. Then I am not on my virtual life.. INTERNET!

Cherish... Don't spoil the 'beach' mood!

gracie said...

uinaa Nc.. napa ko nda reply org 2, "muka ko yg menyalat sana gmbr, jan pasan urg mau publish muka ko" wakakaka..
nasib laa aku ndada facebook kekeke...

nc said...

gracie!!! hahahaha,,mau sja ckp mcm tu o,,tpi,,inda pa la,, thanks for the smile (^_^)

ervina - ya, teda guna kn. kuno will be kuno. so let them stay that way. (i hope im not offending anybody by saying this)

Johnny - yep, dont spoil the beach mood kn,,

goshh,,thank u guys, feel so relieve for ur support muahhhh!!

Kris and Nadia said...

oo sya ada nmpk tu gmbr tu kalu nda silap di kfc ka? ooppsss.. sowi kalu tlanjur ckp..hihi... sabar ja la tu org tu..huh! tensen tul.. btw, sya pun blajar la lesson learned jg.. :) have a nice day nc... :)

nc said...

yep,, its ok nadia. bukan nya apa2 juga2 tu,, for me la,, woohoo..

hv a nice day too ya :)

Kris and Nadia said...

yay good to hear that :) ya ba kan.. perkara kecik ja ba bg kita tu kan.. ntah la napa org talampau beremosi tul .. hihi.. but btw lantak durg la kan..huhu.

Have a nice day n weekend to you ya

gracie said...

nc,lenkali jgn lagi ko bgmbr2 sama org 2 lah..ahaha
ko blg,nti ko publish muka ku..ahahaha

nc said...

hahahaha,,lucu ba si gracie ni tau,, tpi,, ya,, btul tu..

hehe..nadia,,gitu la kalu mo jaga kemachoan kali.
hv anice weekend to u 2 ya,, kris n nadia,, (^_^)

Pammie said...

MIRC command: Right click ignore ja urang gtu nc.. they're not worth your time.

AngeL BeaR said...

i learn this one from one of MIRC friend: "Do not argue with IDIOTS, they will only bring you to their standards."

nc said...

woohoo..i luv ur MIRC commands girlss..thanks ya,, pammie n AngelBear.

Moral lesson: dont argue with idiots.

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

mmm kinda left behind.. in here.. lol btw.. whoaaa! :P mm.. that something~ serious shit tho! :P

@_@"" mm.. leave the shit behind n lets c if it still goes on.. still kaa..? uik.. mm... idiot.. that all about.. btw.. howdy..? dont bother by that nc.. :) rock on! :D ehehe..

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