05 November 2008

Irritation of the Day

ok, 2 entries in a the same day??
cannot meh??
i feel like shouting at some people now for failing to WALK their TALK.
..and..no, it has nothing to do with my significant other this time, if that is what is on your mind.

Very irritated at some people when they just drop the last minute bomb at you.
And the most irritable part is, u cannot voice out ur irritation for fear of losing ur ________ (fill in the blank with any proper words, except for SAFETY, LIFE, MONEY)

Lesson learnt?
Copy cats do exist.
Dont trust people too much.
Always be ready with Plan B.

..making mountains out of hills? maybe..but, it s just plain IRRITATING when people do this.
So DONT (esp if it involves trust n tangible VALUEs).


Michelle said...

Nc, who made u so irritated? Wat it regarding? Somebody copy ur Assignment or plan for some project?

nc said...

hahaha,,not any of those,,hmm..susah mau cakap ..but its ok la,,i think ive forgotten about it. thanks for ur concern ya :)

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