11 November 2008

Chasing Kipandi Butterflies

Hmm..how should I start..
The day was magnificent. We get to board our little bus at 9am and arrived at the place (thank God we reached there safely) a few minutes after 10.
Thank God we reached there safely?
Well yes, first of all, we were using a local 29 seaters bus that is not design for the Moyog – Tambunan steep road. Secondly, none of us has ever been to the place – we solely stick to the ‘5km after the Moyog school’ direction by the staff of Kipandi whom I contacted earlier. And…yes,, it was a few steep kilometers (after the Moyog school) before we reached the park – on the right side of the road (if you’re from Moyog).

If anybody asked me next time on the location of the park..this is what I will say:
Just drive as if ur headed for Gunung Emas (the famous stop over along the Moyog – Tambunan highway), as soon as u reached the steepest corner at the end of Moyog area, watch out – the park is on you’re right. You cannot miss it – because by that time, your eyes would be scanning every inch of the road side to look for the park sign board.

I can vividly recall the worried expression of the young bus driver (sebab mcm kami bawa dia pg Tambunan sda ni haha). Yep, it was 47km before Tambunan.
So, how was the park? Great! A friendly atmosphere with warm greetings from the young tour guides. I think some of the ladies have fallen in love with them hahaha.
Our 20 pax group was separated into 3 smaller goups by the cute tour guides. Everybody wanted to join the cutest guides group. And so, it was only four of us left with the average looking guy- next- door guide (no offence ya )
Anyway, we spent about an hour going around the Native Orchid Garden, the Insect Museum and the Butterfly Garden itself. It was WOW.. I’ve never seen so many exotic insects and butterflies in my life hahahaha(I’m referring to the insect museum that is ). The displays were a combination of our local rama rama and luar negara ones (as the guide described it). But too bad all the names were scientific ones, which were hard to pronounce – what more remember! I ask the guide so many times on weather the little creatures have any local or kampong name. dia cakap dia blm tau lagi hahaha..kesian gia..byk lagi buku sia mau baca ni..dia cakap lagi ni.
I guess the part that I loved the most would have to be the butterfly garden it self. But the beautiful insects were so few to be seen that day – because its not their season yet (the guide said lah).
I did manage to capture some pictures of the beautiful creatures with my sony cybershot. Less than perfect of course. It’s hard to focus on these little wings.

O ya, the fellas managed to slip some time on a hilly trekking endeavour, which was not part of the itinerary. Hmm..im sure this was the work of some sweet talk by the fellas to bring them to the hilly mountain. But since it was just the opposite of the park, and I can see them at the top clearly from my coffee table, I guess it was no harm. A 61 year old British guy was with them as well – how could I say no.

Well people, if you’re a nature lover,, a visit to this park is a must. It was establish four years ago, but not a lot people knew about this wonderful place. So guys,,next time ur on your way to Tambunan via Gunung Emas, make sure you stop by here ya - Kipandi Butterfly Park
some of the butterflies that i caught on camera

please..dont ask me the name of each species ya :)

got quite close to this little one

spot the butterfly

aha! this is the hill that they climb,,tak la tinggi sgt juga,, but slippery
can you spot people there waving..haha

i took this picture from the park's canteen. sipping my teh Boh while waiting for them to finish their trek

flowe power - inside the butterfly garden

i almost wanted to touch it - the butterfly just came out from its coccoon

some of the display- guide cakap,, foreign butterflies

the green grass of the orchid garden

the famous pitcher plant here in Borneo

more monkey cups @ pitcher plants

the Orchid Garden

there were not many orchids blooming that time, "bulum musim" (guide)

the surrounding view of the park

i like this one - gmbr mereng2 ni..
the butterfly garden

yep - one of the young tour guide (far right) with the fellas


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