21 April 2008

Dream Lodge

Welcome to the Tempurung Seaside Lodge. Situated in Kuala Penyu, about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. What can i say..its the most beautiful lodge i hv ever encountered so far. the strength of this little lodge is definitely the magnificent sea view n hill top lodge. just imagine urself going out from ur room to see the great China Sea in front of u, n down below is a white sandy beach - ahhh ..pure bliss. i can never get enough of it.
I purposely made this trip with my fiance (a day trip that is) to check out the place and capture some pics. Tempurung Seaside lodge is perfect for families, couples or as an escapade for anyone trying to outlive the mundane live.

How to get there..? well, just follow the normal route to Kuala Penyu, and check out a little sign board of this lodge along the road to Kuala Penyu - about 3 - 4 km after the Kuala Penyu roundabout. but, be careful once u enter the junction to the lodge, because its still quite far, u need to reach the beach of cos. and that's about 6 - 7km more from the junction. n the sign board to the lodge hopefully will not confuse u, as there are a lot of other junctions u need to take (^_^)
Anyway, its a a great trip with great view, i wouldnt mind living there forever.

The front view of the lodge. i was standing at the beach. wouldnt it be nice if u could a house like this? wuuu..dream..dream..dream..(sing the Everly Brothers)

The restaurant of the lodge.With the shape of a big sampan..

A view from a top of the lodge living area. This is what u can see from the verandah.
A simple boat to decorate the perfect beach. Well, the boat belongs to the villagers of cos.
The Tempurung beach looks familiar - doesnt it look like the Simpang Mengayau beach? well.. (^_^)

Going back here next Jun/July.


ErviNna said...

Welcome to BLOGGER society!! hehe... seems u go everywhere and anywhere interesting la... jeles i tau!! so next trip pigi mana???

earthNgeL said...

hehe,,tima kaseh2.. ntah apa2 yg sia tulis ni. anyway, it makes me content - kunun.
next trip..tingu $$ lu, woohoo (^_*)

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